Argumentative Essay Topics 2022: Compelling Choices For College Students

April 26, 2021

When students start looking for argumentative essay topics online, it usually means that they are out of ideas. Inspiration is an important thing in writing, even when you are simply doing your college homework. Finding good topics means having interest in what you do, and when you are interested, it's easy to make your readers feel the same. This principle works in every area of life and studies — topics for argumentative essays aren't an exception. Passion is everything, but what can you do when you don't have any inspiration? Picking the best theme is a difficult task that might take hours. You can always go through your own hobbies, but if it doesn't bring any results, try online lists. The one we composed is full of fresh and original ideas.

100 Best Argumentative Essay Topics: Take Your Pick

Our team has brainstormed and devised 100 different argumentative ideas. You can pick any of them and use them as a foundation for your future work. No need to credit us or ask for permission — these topics are yours for the taking. Change something or use them directly, it's your business. Remember that you'll have to pick a side in a debate, so make your choice while keeping this in mind.

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

If you're looking for topics with middle-level complexity, find them below. All of them fit college curriculum. Which one sounds more interesting?

1) Optimal Age For Getting a Tattoo & Not Regretting It Later in Life

2) Should Online Experience of Children Under 18 Be Monitored by Parents?

3) Subjects That Must Be Removed From College Curriculum

4) Should Some Books With Dark or Controversial Content Be Forbidden?

5) Should Studying at College Be Made Obligatory for All American Citizens?

6) Teenagers Should Be Prosecuted as Adults for Committing Serious Crimes

7) Some People Are Born Talented and Have More Chances At Success

8) Students Should Choose Whether They Want to Study Math

9) STEM Programs Must Encourage Female Students' Participation

10) Everyone Who Reads Many Books Is Smarter Than a Person Who Does Not Read A Lot

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

These topics are easier than the ones for college. If you prefer to start with smaller challenges, this is your chance! Take any of these themes.

11) American High School Program Is Underdeveloped in Terms of Creativity

12) American Teenagers Fall Victims to Puritan Mindset Regarding Dark Fiction Most Often

13) Everyone At High School Should Study Music

14) Parents Have a Right to Know All Their Children's Secrets

15) Children Must Be Consulted When Parents Make Relevant Home-Related Decisions

16) We Should Set Measures That Help Test the State of Mind of People Wanting to Have Children

17) We Need Only One Religion in Our Life

18) Satanists Are Not Inherently Bad People Who Worship the Devil

19) Animals & Birds Should Have the Same Level of Protection as Individuals

20) Necessity of Homework Is Overrated In Our Days

Sports Argumentative Essay Ideas

Some people love sports, others hate it. In any case, there is a huge number of problems in this area. Choose some of the examples below.

21) Baseball Is No Longer Associated Uniquely with the US

22) America Spends Too Much Money on Supporting Student Sportsmen

23) Dancing Should Not Be Considered an Official Type of Sport

24) Girls Must Be Able to Participate in Running Competitions Together with Boys

25) Active Bodybuilding Has Negative Impacts on People's Bodies as They Age

26) Food Importance in Staying Healthy Is Overblown

27) Cheerleaders Are As Essential as Sportsmen Themselves

28) Chess and Other Games That Require No Active Movements Are Not Sportive

29) Every Person Who Does Not Work Out Falls Ill Often

30) Video Gaming Is More Exciting Than Boxing or Formula 1

Good Argumentative Essay Topics on Business

Almost every person knows someone engaged in business. Business is everywhere, and it is regulated by different rules and laws. Here are some potential issues you could argue about.

31) Should Business Owners Have the Right to Reject Clients They Do Not Like?

32) No Company Should Be Able to Expand Internationally for Boosting Local Businesses

33) Local Firms in America Should Receive More Government Support

34) Workplace Discrimination Remains Rampant Despite Measures the US Took to Stop It

35) Some Businesses Are More Important Than Others

36) Government Must Force Firms to Hire a Percentage of Homeless Individuals

37) Salary That CEOs Receive Is Too Unacceptably High

38) HR Departments Should Not Use Social Media for Gathering Their Information

39) Employees Should Not Be Fired on the Basis of What They Do in Their Personal Time

40) People Should Be Able to Access Data on Firms' Earnings & Expenses

Social Argumentative Paper Topics

We are all a part of society. Some are dysfunctional while others manage to thrive anyway. How is this achieved? What problems do we face and is there a way to solve them?

41) Paternity Leave Is as Important as Maternity Leave & Must Be Provided Equally

42) Cheating Is a Problem That Is Becoming Worse Because of Our Acceptance of It

43) Roofers Are Motivated By Their Boredom & Are More Predisposed to Getting Into Danger

44) Aphobia Is Becoming More Widespread Than Homophobia

45) Household Prices for Representatives of Different Social Classes Must Be the Same

46) It is Appropriate for American Government to Provide Compensation for Low Class

47) Individuals Who Leave Their Children With Nannies On a Constant Basis Are Neglectful

48) Torture (Both Physical and Psychological) Is Unacceptable No Matter What a Person Has Done

49) Physical Appearance Does Not Say Anything About One's Education Level

50) Feminism Movement Has Become Toxic and Lost Its Orienteers

Interesting Ethical Argumentative Topics

If everyone followed a universal ethical system aimed at people's benefit, we could have a happy life. Unfortunately, things are more complicated. Select one of ethics-based topics and explore it.

51) It Is Unethical for Celebrities to Market Any Products for Money

52) Hunting For Any Reason Is an Ethical Crime That Deserves Punishment

53) Those Who Buy Meat Should Be Forced to Watch How It Was Procured Before Each Purchase

54) Individuals Failing to Get Medical Help Because They Lack Money Is Unethical

55) People Worldwide Should Be Informed When Sex Offenders Move Into Their Neighborhoods

56) Neglect Toward Criminals Should Be Punished Like Hate Crime

57) It Is Inappropriate to Test Anything on Animals When They Cannot Give Consent

58) Following a Personal System of Ethics Is More Important Than Obeying the Standard One

59) Making Memes Out of Real People's Suffering Is Unethical

60) Parents Who Drink and Smoke in the Presence of Their Children Behave Unethically

Controversial Ideas for an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative papers already presuppose debates, but some topics sound more outrageous than others. They stimulate arguments complete with yelling or even fist fighting. If you enjoy such an intensity, choose one of these options.

61) If Two Presidents Cannot Reach a Compromise, They Must Be Removed From Power & Replaced

62) Government Should Be Heavily Penalized For Every Unemployed Individual

63) Men Should Have No Say in the Matters of Abortion

64) Capitalism Is Not Better Than Communism In Terms of People's Wellbeing

65) US Should Make Certain That Same-Sex Marriages Are Legalized in Every Country

66) Immigration Should Be Limited but Not Banned Entirely

67) Human Cloning Is an Effective Way of Dealing with Grief

68) Large-Scale Corruptions in Government Should Result In Death Penalty

69) Criminals Deserve the Same Rights as Non-Criminal Individuals

70) Refugees Deserve Getting Places in Shelters with Appropriate Comfort Level

Education Topics for Argumentative Essay

Most people feel concerned about education in their country. The sad fact is, everyone needs education to be able to find good job but not everyone can afford it. Perhaps you could make a statement about it or any other related issues.

71) Every Person in Every Country Deserves Getting Higher Education for Free

72) Decreasing the Number of Majors Could Improve American Education

73) Sponsorship for Sports Education Should Be Equal with Sponsorship for Other Branches

74) Writing Centers in Universities Should Be Re-Structured for Becoming More Effective

75) Grading Education Model Stimulates Mostly Negative Emotions Among Students

76) Should Communities Determine What Subjects Their Children Are Going to Study?

77) Most Medical Learning Methodologies in Russia Have Become Obsolete

78) Student-Centered Education Is More Fruitful

79) Teacher-Centered Education Is More Effective

80) Parents Should Not Interfere With Their Children's Studies In Any Way

Economy Argumentative Topics

The state of modern economy is controversial, to say the least. Why not explore it? Pick your issue and present your side on it.

81) Socialism Has Profound Negative Effects on People's Life Satisfaction

82) First World Countries Must Help Third World Countries Become More Developed

83) American System of Export Is Extremely Flawed and Limits Potential Perks

84) American Government Is Responsible for the Great Crisis in 2008

85) Macroeconomics Has a Bigger Impact on the Overall Economy

86) Microeconomics Has a Larger Impact on Economy Overall

87)Individuals Eligible For Getting Welfare Should Undergo Alcohol & Drug Tests

88) Rich People Should Pay Much Higher Taxes Than Low and Middle Class Representatives

89) Age for Participating in President Elections Should Be Reduced

90) Trans Pacific Partnership Produces a Subtle Negative Impact on the Lives of Americans

Argumentative Essays Topics About the Military

People interested in the military tend to have loud debates with one another. What topics are they focusing on? Find out or choose your own.

91) Strategic Bombing as Fighting Tactic Should Be a Crime with Heavy Punishment

92) People in Every Country Should Have the Right to Choose If They Want to Join Army

93) Sea Power Has More Importance Than Air Power in Wars

94) Wars Should Be Shifted Into Negotiations Room & Only Talks Have to Determine the Outcomes

95) Germany Stood No Chance to Win WW2 From the Very Beginning

96) American Military System Does More Damage Than Good to the World

97) Artificial Intelligence Could Never Replace Real-Life Soldiers

98) In Fifty Years, Space Could Become a Place of Battlefield Between Nations

99) No Situation in the World Could Ever Justify the Use of Chemical Weapons

100) USA Had to Face Severe Decades-Long Sanctions for Its Nuclear Attack on Japan

How to Pick Argumentative Essay Ideas: Extra Strategies

Sometimes a wide range of choices is as limiting as a narrow one! Coming up with an idea is difficult, but what can you do when there are too many of them? Your eyes keep going from one option to another, and with every title, making a final choice becomes more and more impossible. Here's how you could settle on some truly good topics for an argumentative essay but if it's still difficult for you, you can buy an argumentative essay from us!

  • It should be personally interesting. Like we've mentioned before, you in particular must find a topic interesting. Does it make you want to do some research? Do you start going through ideas, imagining what you're going to say and what your arguments will be? If yes, great! These might be just the argument essay topics for you. But if you still aren't inspired enough, keep looking. Your passion is one of the most decisive factors here.
  • It should be specific. Broad topics shouldn't make the cut, not unless you were tasked with writing 20 pages. Whatever ideas you have, you must select something that could be narrowed down. For example, deciding to write about global warming is potentially productive, but you need a clear perspective. Explore its specific consequences or concentrate on a particular issue it causes.
  • It must be controversial. Since we are talking about ideas for argument essay, obviously, they must be controversial. For instance, choosing “Hitler killed many people” topic is pointless in this genre because it's a bare fact. No one is going to argue against it — it happened, everyone knows it. On the other hand, making a more controversial claim that needs evidence, like “Hitler used effective leadership strategies,” would be appropriate.
  • There should be enough sources on it. It doesn't make a difference how interesting some topics for an argumentative essay are to you: there must be sources to support them. Sure, picking some rare and amazing theme could be exciting, but if no credible writer performed a research on it, you won't be able to prove your perspective. Be sure you check what the Internet or your local library has to offer before you commit to your choice.

Use Our Lists For Inspiration and Good Grades

As you can see, finding the best topic for your paper can be easy if you have the right resources at hand! Once you've found them, keep them close. Apart from argumentative essay topics for college students, we have lists with ideas for other subjects, so try them when you get more assignments. Keep browsing until you find the best topic, and you'll see how interesting and captivating writing could be!