Dissertation Topics & Ideas for Successful Writing

August 20, 2021

Dissertation Topics and Writing Tips

Master’s and Ph.D. degrees choose dissertations topic related to their field of study. Completing this paper requires months or sometimes even years of research. A paper of such complexity is a true embodiment of a student’s determination, educational background, critical thinking skills, and desire to bring something new in the chosen sphere of knowledge. Consequently, it is extremely important to choose the correct focus among available dissertation topic examples as some part of your life and future career will be connected to this research.

A Brief Insight to Dissertations and Their Background

This project requires more effort from your side than any other academic task you’ve written before or even all tasks combined.
Substantial research. Developing proper dissertation ideas that will be accepted by your supervisor eventually is not as easy as it seems since one needs to review a lot of articles before they determine lacunae in bulk of research and formulate relevant scope for future study. Finding out what new knowledge can be brought in chosen industry is not a task that can be done overnight though a dissertation proposal itself is rather short paper.
Writing draft. This is also a part that cannot be completed within a few days since composing a rough draft based on the conducted literature review and original research will take several months. Persistence is key requirement here as even the rough draft cannot be completed in a hassle, otherwise, it will be rejected and work re-done. Pay attention to proper English from the very first pages.
Time allocation. Although the project is big and deadline appears to be in approximately a year, there is no time for delays and procrastination. Get thesis topics reviewed, approved, and start working on the outline as soon as possible. There is so much work that you might think that 1 year is not enough for proper project’s completion and expressive ideas’ development. But you may always request help with dissertation online at any stage, all parts should be evenly distributed in your schedule.

Useful Ideas on Choosing Dissertation Topics

Choosing interesting dissertation topics may not be a sensible thing to do since dissertation writing is more about determining and eliminating knowledge gaps and developing some new insights rather than having fun while writing. Though there is nothing wrong with enjoying dissertation writing process if you are genuinely interested in your area of expertise. Rule of thumb in choosing an appropriate topic is whether you can find sufficient number of relevant sources and find the focus worth of long-term research.

List With Suggestions for Areas of Research

Each dissertation is unique and specific focus must be developed taking into consideration your future intentions and career focus. That’s why constant communication with your supervisor is of immense importance as this is a person who will help you stay on track, write useful project, and demonstrate progress. We offer you some sample dissertation topics that you may utilize as the starting point.


Modern world proves how understanding this sphere contributes to progress and international communication development. Choosing business dissertation topics means working with recent data and emerging trends.

  • Cultural awareness and its contribution to successful international business.
  • Strategic analysis of European computer game industry.
  • Eliminating poverty problems in a region of your choice.
  • Space tourism opportunities for business.
  • Black Friday sales phenomenon.
  • Business solutions behind rise of Tesla Motors.
  • Corporate social responsibility phenomenon and its impact on customers’ preferences.
  • Successful change of company’s strategy during COVID-19
  • Business’s expansion strategy peculiarities into third-world countries market.
  • Cruises industry and effective solutions to alleviated pandemic consequences. 

Primary Education

Requesting professional essay writers assistance to develop appropriate topic is a good idea since the basis of children’s education requires much attention and careful work. 

  • Developing countries’ improving education dissertation topics.
  • Inclusive environment on initial educational stages.
  • Pre-primary education’s impact on subsequent academic performance.
  • Issues related to expansion of mass education.
  • Educational theories of primary education: practical implementations.
  • Creativity’s role in primary education.
  • Executive functions and their correlation with children’s academic performance.
  • Issues related to primary education in rural regions.
  • Out-of-school learning and its impact on primary education’s development.
  • Curriculum development in primary education.

Child Protection

Modern world became much safer place for children, there is still much work to be done. Every possible involvement and attempt to change the situation for better is priceless, so that maybe your child protection dissertation ideas may have an impact.

  • Child sexual abuse: mental health perspective.
  • Vicarious moral trauma consequences for child protection specialists.
  • Emotional abuse of children in educational environment.
  • Domestic violence rate correlation with chosen sociological metrics.
  • Policy development issues dissertation topic.
  • Poverty rate’s negative impact on prevalence of child abuse.
  • Barriers in child protection-related work with parents.
  • Child protection systems overview and practical implications.
  • Peculiarities of disabled children’s protection.
  • Juvenile justice from country’s child protection policies perspective.


Constant rivalry of traditional and innovative media sources creates the environment where one can develop good dissertation topics that may potentially change the ways of delivering information.

  • Media’s mediation effect on increased vicarious traumatization.
  • Political consequences of event’s media coverage.
  • Trends in media use among adolescents.
  • Reflect on anxiety related to media exposure during pandemic.
  • Changed ownership modes of media sources.
  • Identification of bias in media.
  • Media coverage impact on civil participation.
  • Use of reading media dissertation topics examples.
  • Internal media tools as solution to improve employees’ engagement.
  • Issues related to media use in parenting.


Valuable ideas can always be obtained while researching leadership dissertation topics since practical implications can be valid for both small companies and global structures such as states and international organizations.

  • School leadership’s impact on career development.
  • Differences in leadership approach depending on generational peculiarities.
  • Leaders’ types topics for dissertation: practical overview.
  • Effective leadership during social or economic crises.
  • Leadership’s role in educational environment.
  • Socio-cultural context of leadership in business.
  • Leadership and associated employees’ engagement: comparative context on countries’ level.
  • Gender perspective in leadership studies.
  • Suitable leadership types for countries in the state of war.
  • Job satisfaction rates’ correlation with leadership styles.


There is rich dissertation topic list as history lessons should always be reviewed objectively and people must be reminded of consequences of certain processes in order to avoid the same mistakes in future.

  • Reasons behind Germany Navy forces’ failure during World War II.
  • Native American history dissertation topics
  • Examples of Civil War long-term consequences.
  • The Roman Empire’s decline: meta-analysis.
  • Ancient cultures’ development from geographical perspective.
  • The Crusades’ story: causes and consequences.
  • Peculiarities of the British Empire that make it different from other empires.
  • Military experiments’ contribution into development of space technologies during the 20th century.
  • Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan: comprehensive overview.
  • The Great Depression historical lessons.


Modern world demonstrates multiple opportunities for financial growth and losses so that finance dissertation topics are always relevant and at the same time demanding in terms of good analytical skills.

  • Internet banking drawbacks
  • Structured finance and this tool’s role in reducing poverty levels.
  • Prerequisites of global financial crisis in near future.
  • Improving financial literacy in specific community.
  • Sustainable finance as the path to save the planet.
  • Private finance role in development of renewable energy sources.
  • Pollution control as investment opportunity.
  • Chinese foreign direct investment in European countries.
  • Pandemic’s effect on real estate market.
  • Management audit concept overview and practical implications.


This field is among the most rapidly changing ones which makes it a great thesis topics source. Completing market research, advertising, and promoting products become more and more complicated due to competitive environment.

  • Customer retention strategies in e-commerce sphere.
  • Competition in supermarket retailing sphere in chosen country.
  • Trends in digital marketing dissertation topics.
  • Artificial intelligence application in digital marketing.
  • Tourism marketing during pandemic: challenges and opportunities.
  • Socio-cultural factors affecting customer’s buying decisions.
  • Impulsive buying phenomenon integration in marketing strategies.
  • Visual perception factor in marketing trends.
  • Green marketing perspectives overview prompts.
  • Influencer marketing as an opportunity.

Human Resources

Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, HR sphere had to cope with multiple challenges and solve a myriad of new tasks. Recruiting and training techniques under new circumstances have changed and human resources dissertation topics can easily bring something new in the field.

  • Personnel selection under pandemic circumstances.
  • Meta-analysis of employee training approaches.
  • Integrated psychological counseling in working environment.
  • Inequality of human resources distribution in healthcare industry in chosen country.
  • Workplace flexibility as solution to increase employees’ engagement.
  • Workforce diversity approaches: challenges and opportunities.
  • Digitalization trends and their impact on human resources management techniques.
  • Green HR practices concept and practical implications.
  • Human resources’ sustainable management phenomenon.
  • Learning opportunities and developmental training as solutions for employee retention.


Whether your focus is on secondary or primary education dissertation topics, a fresh insight is always useful in this field as new era requires new approaches to teaching.

  • Virtual reality in educational environment.
  • Increased implementation of online classes and subsequent widening the gap between who those who have access to a high-quality education and those who do not.
  • Inclusive learning environment’s peculiarities.
  • Pandemic’s impact on educational sphere: long-term perspective of educational institutions’ closure.
  • Community-level financing of education as opposed to governmental financing.
  • Challenges for educational opportunities in third-world countries.
  • Educational sphere’s response to increased demand for sophisticated technologies and software.
  • Religious aspect in modern education.
  • Sexual education in senior high schools.
  • Parental involvement in children’s education.


This field probably requires much more reading and attentive sources’ review than any other field. Developing law dissertation topics might be challenging but will also serve as the foundation of your notable career development.

  • IT patents questions in legal sphere.
  • Solutions to prevent racial prejudices in law enforcement field.
  • Religious aspect in family law sphere.
  • Review child neglect and express its legal consequences.
  • Systematic review of family law in chosen country.
  • Sexual harassment at workplace: legal implications.
  • Increase of commercial law involvement in energy sphere as solution for sustainable environment development.
  • Risks and benefits of commercial partnerships.
  • Forced sterilization phenomenon: legal perspective.
  • Efficiency of war crimes tribunals: comprehensive review.

Nursing and Healthcare

Requesting essay writer for hire may be a sensible option in this case as a person who already completed their own dissertation study in rapidly changing healthcare field will share many useful suggestions.

  • Certified nursing assistants being short staffed and underpaid.
  • Employees’ burnout in nursing dissertation topics: pandemic’s consequences for nurses
  • Prevalence of distracted driving reason among injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.
  • Non-pharmaceutical interventions’ impact on decrease of respiratory infections spread.
  • Ethical dilemmas for healthcare staff: cause and consequences.
  • Mental health issues treatment in prison setting.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment outcome patterns.
  • Public health improvement in developing countries: challenges and major barriers.
  • Alcoholism prevention approaches in public health sphere.
  • Analysis of the World Health Organization’s response to global threat.

Business Administration

Successful completion of thesis paper on some MBA dissertation topics could result in lucrative employment opportunities, just don’t miss the chance.

  • Innovations in business environment: systematic review.
  • International merger and acquisition procedure from HRM perspective.
  • Staff recruitment outsourcing: challenges and benefits.
  • Rebranding involving sustainability and responsibility factors.
  • Solutions to increase small-scale enterprises’ efficiency.
  • Pricing policies’ effect on enterprises: meta-analysis.
  • Small-scale business’s growth: risks and challenges.
  • Not stable political environment’s impact on organizational management.
  • Flexible working as retention tool and opportunity for more effective employees’ recruitment.
  • Socio-cultural aspect in the context of international business negotiations.


Even though you may think that nothing new can serve as dissertation topic ideas in this field, there is always room for a new perspective that could lead to a perfect thesis paper.

  • Sports psychology dissertation topics.
  • Voting trends occurring under current circumstances.
  • Animal therapy's effect on mental health problems treatment.
  • Play-based therapy for traumatized children: barriers and benefits.
  • Anxiety rate increase and its correlation with exposure to content provided by media sources.
  • Fake news phenomenon.
  • Social psychology theories: practical implications.
  • Attention from neuroscience perspective.
  • Gender gap in psychology-related graduate-level publications.
  • Positive psychology phenomenon: systematic review.


Developing valuable economics dissertation topics may be easier than for other subjects as there are multiple opportunities for both qualitative and quantitative substantial studies.

  • Local cultures’ impact on changing organizational positioning and economic development.
  • Real estate prices’ volatility due to pandemic’s impact.
  • Governmental regulations’ impact on industries development: case study on chosen country.
  • Oligopolistic market phenomenon in chosen country’s economy.
  • Policy development in agriculture field.
  • Unemployment issue and potential solutions: meta-study.
  • Income inequality rates and correlation with pandemic spread.
  • Entrepreneurship in distant regions: challenges and benefits based on case studies.
  • Aspects that affect self-employment rates.
  • Immigration impact on economics: chosen country’s case.


These architecture dissertation topics may involve not only historical or cultural perspectives but consider modern urban development or even sustainability of various constructions.

  • Construction technologies in cold climates.
  • Cultural perspective of renovating buildings of historical significance.
  • Urban space optimization.
  • Stylistic and utilitarian perspectives in new architectural trends.
  • Designs’ variety of municipal structures.
  • Features of Minimalist design in interiors.
  • Environmental protection technologies in architecture.
  • Self-sufficient constructions’ projects: benefits and drawbacks.
  • Renewable energy implementation in city landscape.
  • Multiculturalism and its impact on city’s architecture.

PhD Level Ideas

Whether you consider hiring a professional and asking them write my dissertation for me or just need assistance with developing proposal, this is the stage where you need substantial brainstorm work. PhD dissertation topics may be easily refused if they are not innovative or useful enough.

  • Evaluating consequences for public health in communities affected by natural disasters.
  • Meta-analysis of available public health policies for controlling and reducing obesity rates in children.
  • Ethical considerations and legal consequences of closing borders for refugees.
  • Child labor prevention policies development.
  • Credit programs' impact on small businesses development: practical implications.
  • Designing sustainable hospitals: healthy and safe environment for both patients and staff.
  • Population's aging rates and their correlation with country's economics.
  • Financial crisis in Greece and its long-term effect on the EU economy: practical implications for prospective EU members.
  • Information security and its increasing role in economic stability within a country.
  • A review of e-Government system in developing country of your choice.


Increased international communication, social division, and various social phenomena provide reach base for empirical research. Sociology dissertation topics require a lot of fieldwork from your side but results will be rewarding.

  • Domestic violence and its impact on children.
  • Quality of single parents’ lives in developing countries.
  • Racial inequality in educational environment.
  • Gender sociology dissertation questions: theoretical approach.
  • Factors influencing suicide rates among high-school students.
  • Reasoning behind obtaining higher education in developed and developing countries.
  • Alcohol abuse and crime rates within specific social group.
  • Society’s response to obsolete professions and workers who lost their vocation.
  • Role of trade unions in modern society.
  • Elite theory application.

Social Media

This powerful tool’s impact can be observed in almost any industry from psychology to marketing. Social media dissertation topics need constant adapting your literature review and gathered data with new information as many things can change in terms of months or even weeks.

  • Brand positioning using social media environment.
  • Social media role in maintaining relationships during COVID-19-related lockdowns.
  • Sleep deprivation trends from social media perspective.
  • Social media dissertation topics in educational environment.
  • Social media influencers’ phenomenon in chosen sphere.
  • Effectiveness of various social media platforms and associated trends.
  • Privacy risks and subsequent consequences.
  • Social media marketing benefits compared to traditional advertisement techniques.
  • Social media use in political conflicts and warfare.
  • Protests and revolutions’ context in social media.

Good Dissertation Topics: What Should You Pay Attention to?

One may think that many topics were already studied sufficiently, but there is always room for fresh perspective. Sometimes truly inspirational ideas for dissertation topics cannot be related to one specific industry and can be classified as interdisciplinary ones. There are some useful features to keep in mind.

  • Good topic is narrowed down.
  • Dissertation title demonstrates clear purpose.
  • Topic should not be too long or extremely short.
  • Think about developing areas within your subject.
  • Check your emotional response and whether you want to disagree with something or defend certain position.
  • Keep your future career plans in mind.
  • Do not avoid the opportunity to consult with your supervisor for a fresh perspective.
  • Make sure your dissertation attempts to eliminate the existing gap from an either theoretical or empirical perspective.
  • Do not be afraid of a challenge.
  • Prepare for a long educational journey ahead.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Choosing good dissertation topics may be considered a decent start to a valuable project as an approved topic that you are interested in means you will be motivated to review all possible sources, gather as much data as you can, and provide truly valuable insight that will positively impact not only your academic career and employment but a field of study in general as well. Just remember that dissertation is not the task to be completed alone, you can always request professional assistance at any stage.