Decide between 130 Expository Essay Topics and Write a Great Paper

November 22, 2023

Has Your Imagination Taken a Break? Bring It Back with Expository Essay Topics

Writing a strong paper is only possible if students select compelling expository essay topics. Professors often provide a prompt; all you have to do is follow it. But sometimes, you might get freedom of choice, and that’s where problems tend to appear. What should you write about? Isn’t it easier to order top essay writing services and get experts to do everything for you? There are several solutions here. If you go for an independent one, try the list with topics we cooked up — it’s free and guaranteed to inspire you.

Defining an Expository Paper: What Is It and How to Write It?

An expository essay is a written work that explores a subject, analyzes it, and presents factual information about it. Students shouldn’t express their subjective opinions here: the goal lies in explaining their topic to their readers by relying strictly on facts and evidence. Four tips could help you create the best expository paper:

  • Come up with a powerful thesis. A thesis is a vital part of every paper. We suggest looking at free expository writing examples on our website to understand how it should look. The thesis comes at the end of the introduction: it summarizes your paper, mentions its central arguments, and outlines your end goal. Develop it from the beginning — this way, you’ll know what to do with your essay. Here is a basic example: “Wars are bad because they result in a loss of life, property damage, and psychological traumas.” This thesis outlines key points and steps you’ll take to explore them. 

  • Make an outline. Outlining expository essays is always a good idea. Make it brief if you want; it doesn’t matter — just make certain you break it into appropriate parts of the structure. Write down major ideas for the introduction, body, and conclusion; the final writing process will become much simpler.  

  • Develop a draft. When students buy essay for sale from professional writers, some of them ask for drafts. This is always a smart decision regardless of which explanatory essay topics you’re tackling. Don’t try to create a wholesome paper from the beginning; start with a general picture that you’ll later expand.

  • Ask for feedback. Show your draft to someone and ask for feedback. It could be your friend, a family member, or even your professor if they welcome such an extra effort. You could also hire an expert and ask for their review.

130 Interesting Expository Essay Topics for Students

These 130 ideas come from our top academic experts. Some are simpler; others are more difficult — pick any of them that suits your interests best. If you like the concept but not the details these titles offer, change them accordingly. While we created this list, it belongs to you.

Expository Essay Topics for University Students

These ideas are complicated and challenging. If you’re a uni student and you decided to work by yourself instead of hiring an expository essay writing service from experts, you’ll find at least some of them inspiring:

1) How Racism Became a Global-Wide Problem
2) Why Having a Password for Unblocking a Phone Is a Dangerous Decision
3) What Makes Inception a Phenomenal Movie Even Now
4) Problems that American Students Face in Asian Countries
5) Why Chinese Is One of the Most Difficult Languages
6) Do Movies Based on Books Have as Much Value?
7) How People Across the World Understand the Concept of Morality
8) What Makes the Poorest Countries in the World Lack Money
9) Is It Possible to Be Smart without Finishing High School?
10) What Causes Men to Dictate whether Woman Can Have an Abortion

Expository Essay Topics for College Students

This pick of topics is a little simpler. College students will love them.

11) What Habits Did Pirates Have When They Were in the Sea for a Long Time?
12) Is Lazing Around Good for Mental Health?
13) How Having Siblings Contributes to People’s Social Skills
14) Should Playing Video Games Be a Subject at College?
15) How Writing a Diary Improves One’s Mental Health
16) What Causes Russia to Attack Other Countries Constantly
17) The Problem of Black and White Vision Some Individuals Have about the World
18) What Country Is Objectively the Best Place for Vacation
19) Three Factual Ways that Could Help Save the Planet
20) Could Every Person Be Moderately Wealthy in the World?

Expository Essay Topics for High School

School students will probably enjoy these topics: they are simple but engaging.

21) Four Pieces of Evidence Proving the Existence of Extraterrestrial Life
22) Is It Morally Acceptable to Kill Someone in Self-Defense?
23) Why Cheating between Partners Is Reprehensible
24) Value of Doing Homework by Yourself
25) How Big Is the Entire Universe?
26) Is It Normal for High School Students to Work in Addition to Studying?
27) What to Do When One Is Lost in the Forest
28) What Kind of People Were Burned at the Stake as Witches?
29) Describe How an Ideal House Should Look Like
30) Are Fathers Closer to Their Sons or Daughters?

Expository Essay Topics for Middle School

We’ve reached the middle school level — an even simpler list with good topics you won’t have trouble researching.

31) Why Cats’ Eyes Are Glowing in the Dark
32) Why People in the US and EU Cannot Take as Many Hot Baths as They Want
33) How Global Warming Affects the Planet
34) Strategies for Avoiding Plagiarism in Essay Writing
35) Why do Countries Like Russia and Iran Have a Say in the UN
36) Is Reversed Racism a Real Phenomenon?
37) Describe What Fanfiction Is
38) Explain What Your Favorite Movie Is & Why
39) Why Should Friends Help Each Other When in Trouble?
40) How Some People Become Famous and Why Others Stay Unpopular Despite Having More Talent

Expository Essay Topics for Grade 6

All students have to write papers, including those below the middle school level. Here are some of them.

41) Explore the Reasons behind the Crash of the Titanic
42) Why Rabbits Often Piss into the Beds of Their Owners
43) How Growing Up without One Parent Affects the Person
44) Negative Effects of Modern Ad Campaigns
45) Positive Effects of Modern Ways of Advertising
46) Is It Normal for Young Adults to Keep Living with Their Families?
47) What Qualities Make One a Good Romantic Partner
48) How Old Is Sexism & Where Did It Come From?
49) How Soon the Pain from Losing a Loved One Passes
50) Why Buffy the Vampire Slayer Remains One of Top Shows

Expository Essay Topics for Grade 7

Try these exciting topics: they’ll make your writing process simple yet interesting.

51) Why Multiple People Romanticize Coffee Shops
52) What Is the Most Watched YouTube Video? Why?
53) How People Should Treat Disobedient Pets
54) Qualities that Every Effective Leader Must Display
55) How Homophobia Emerged & Which Countries It Affected Most
56) Why Are We So Interested in Aliens?
57) Is There Any Truth in The X Files TV Show?
58) What It Means to Sacrifice One’s Happiness for the Greater Good
59) Why People Consider Ballet Boring Despite Its Beauty  
60) How Can Anyone Think Winter Is the Best Season?

Funny Expository Essay Topics

Who told you that homework cannot be fun? Try following expository writing prompts that put a smile on your face!

61) Do Bears Like Eating Honey?
62) Could Children Successfully Lie about Their Misdeeds and Keep This Information Secret?
63) ‘Friends’ Is an Unfunny TV Show, and Its High Value Is Exaggerated
64) Three Ways to Avoid Doing Homework Without Getting a Failing Grade
65) Why Hannibal Lecter Decided that Eating People Is a Good Idea
66) Was It Possible to Be a Kind Pirate in the Past?
67) Describe the Funniest King or Queen that Ever Ruled One of the Countries
68) Why Every Person Should Have At Least Three Cats
69) Sleeping Next to Plush Toys Is Beneficial to Every Adult
70) Everyone Should Eat Soup At Least Once a Day

Interesting Topics for Expository Essays

These are general expository essay ideas that will make for an engaging paper.

71) Parrots Should Not Always Be Kept in a Cage  
72) School Fighting Is an Unhealthy Way for Expressing Feelings
73) How People Can Help Protect Animals Globally
74) Is Betrayal between Friends Worse than Betrayal between Lovers?
75) Is Having Regular Sexual Relations Good for One’s Health?
76) Is Sleeping in the Morning Better than Sleeping at Night?
77) Is There Any Evidence Supporting the Existence of Ghosts?
78) Outline Policies that You Think a Strong President Should Implement
79) How Much Time Could a Person Spend without Brushing Their Teeth?
80) Describe the Most Balanced Food Cuisine among All International Menus

Now let’s break ideas into groups based on subjects.

Expository Essay Topics on Education

As a student, you might be curious about good topics for expository essays on the education process.

81) How Having a Degree Could Help with Career Search
82) What Kind of Education Should the Minister of Education Have?
83) How Often Do Professors Bully Their Students?
84) Is Every Intelligent Student Capable of Accessing a Good Education?
85) Explore the Life of a Person You Consider Your Source of Academic Inspiration
86) Playing Games on One’s Cell Phone between Lessons Is an Excellent Distraction Strategy
87) Effective Ways that Help Students Wake Up Before They Go to Study
88) Is Giving Bribes for the Sake of Good Grades a Common Practice in the US?
89) Explore Factual Evidence Proving the Existence of Mermaids
90) IT Apps or Programs that Could Help Students Do Their Homework

Expository Essay Topics about Social Issues

Do you have any interest in justice and social problems? Then these topics for expository essay will come in handy.

91) Do Regular Citizens Have Enough Power to Overthrow Their Government?
92) What Country Has the Worst Problem with Racism?
93) Which Country Has the Most Violent Laws against LGBTQ Representatives?
94) Why Do the Richest People in the World Keep Being Obsessed with Making Money?
95) How Many Innocent People Are Sentenced to Prison Based on False Accusations?
96) How Online Casinos Manage to Drive Seemingly Sane People Mad
97) Why Animal Abuse Is Not Punished Properly in Any Country
98) Do Women Continue to Face Discrimination Based on Their Gender in Modern US Workplaces?
99) Why Child Social Services Remain Inefficient Despite all the Financing 
100) Strategies that Showed Efficiency in Fighting against Domestic Violence

Topics for Expository Essays about Health

Health-related expository essay prompts are always valuable. Research this topic with the help of these ideas:

101) Vitamins Every Person Must Take to Maintain Good Health
102) How Many Hours a Person Needs to Have a Healthy Sleep
103) Why People Who Have Amnesia Maintain Some Parts of Their Memory Like Basic Life Skills
104) The Best Ways for Removing Pimples from One’s Face
105) How Eating Disorders Might Appear in an Otherwise Healthy Person?
106) Is Taking Anti-Depressants Safe?
107) Explore the Cure that Showed Itself as the Most Effective against Cancer
108) Why Is Smoking Not Prohibited Despite Being Harmful?
109) How Shoemakers Can Protect Themselves from Job-Related Health Hazards
110) Why Losing Teeth in Adulthood Is a Problem

Topics for Expository Essays about Literature

Perhaps you love books, and literature is the type of expository essay you want to write. These ideas are for you, then!

111) Explore Reasons for Main Conflict in Twilight Saga
112) Why Romeo and Juliet Is Considered a Classic
113) Do Old Books Still Have Value for Modern Readers?
114) Harry Potter Books Do Not Address Child Abuse Properly
115) How Fairy Tales Shape Children’s Ideas about the World
116) Why Do Some Animals Mirror People in Books?
117) Explore the Setting in Your Favorite Novel
118) Is Green Mile Better as a Movie or as a Book?
119) Can Books Push People into Committing Violence?

Topics for Expository Essays on History

Base your expository paper on history. It’ll surely be an educational journey.

120) How Did Newspapers Change the System of Communication?
121) Did All Pirates Deserve Execution?
122) How War Criminals Are Persecuted Through Their Life
123) Explain Your Idea of an Independent Palestine  
124) What Did Hitler Want to Find in Antarctica?
125) Did Queen Victoria Do More Harm or Good?
126) How Kings Chose Their Wives in the Past
127) Which Historical Period Would You Like to Visit?
128) Is There Evidence Supporting the Existence of Atlántida?
129) Why Soldiers Often Fight in Battles They Know They Will Lose
130) What Is the Most Common Reason for Wars?

Enjoy Top Ideas for Expository Essay

As you see, there are endless ideas you could choose from for writing your perfect paper. Take the most exciting topic and start your work. Develop a thesis and an outline, create a draft, and if you face problems, contact our service with the words, “Please write my philosophy research paper in a couple of days.” Our entire team stays alert 24/7, and we can edit, write, proofread, or find the best research for you in no time.