Persuasive Essay Topics: Choose Smartly and Get Creative

November 22, 2023

Finding the most inspiring persuasive essay topics is essential for writing a good essay and earning a satisfying grade. But even that is not enough: you have to understand what you’re doing, perform research, and connect creativity with academics in a way that pleases everyone, including yourself. Some students prefer to hire professional essay writing services because they don’t want to waste their time doing homework they dislike or find boring. You could do the same — or you could learn what persuasive writing requires and choose one of many topics we offer free of charge.

Definition of Persuasive Essay and Its Structure

What is a persuasive essay, and how to write it? Let’s cover these two questions in detail — this might help you better understand your task. A persuasive essay is a paper that seeks to convince readers of something: an author takes a position and tries to persuade everyone else to share it with them. For example, if you’re describing cats as great pets, it won’t qualify as persuasive writing, but if you argue that cats are the best pets in the world, it’ll be just what you need to fulfill your prompt.

Note that there is a difference between persuasive and argumentative writing. The former focuses on your position and views first and foremost; the latter regards arguments in favor of and in opposition to your opinion. This is the structure of an ideal persuasive paper:

Introduction. This section presents topics for a persuasive essay writers choose to work with. Add a hook, which is a powerful first sentence; introduce the background and insert the thesis at the end.

Thesis. This sentence closes the introduction. Multiple students decide to pay for research paper because this little part confuses them, but there is nothing all that difficult about it. Make it reflect the purpose of your essay, and don’t use redundant phrases like “I think,” “this paper is going to,” etc. This is a good example of a thesis for a persuasive paper: “Cats are the best pets in the world because they are playful yet unobtrusive, as well as loyal but not overbearing.”

  • Reasons to believe your position. In body paragraphs, offer reasons that make you believe what you do. Following our persuasive essay ideas about cats, we’d dedicate one paragraph to explaining how they are playful and unobtrusive and the second one to them being loyal and not overbearing.
  • Evidence supporting it. Add evidence in support of your position. Cite research, add direct quotes from it, or paraphrase.
  • Conclusion. Finish your paper by reminding people what you believe and summarizing why your opinion is worth sharing.

How to Understand that You Picked Good Persuasive Topic Ideas

There are four sure ways to guarantee that you choose a good topic. The first one is getting essay writers for hire to come up with something for you: we provide this service, and we could do it as quickly as you need. The second piece of advice is more personal: you need to choose a topic you’re genuinely invested in. You have to like it; you must care about it — let it be something representing your interests. As examples of some general persuasive writing topics, you could focus on your movie preferences, political position, tastes, religious beliefs — anything that makes your blood run hotter and stimulates your desire to do research.  

The third way to check whether your idea is any good entails verifying that there are arguments to support it. If you think the Earth is flat and stands on four elephants, you won’t find any credible research to prove your opinion. Make sure you find plenty of solid academic articles to support your words. Finally, go for manageable persuasive topics. It’s fine to be ambitious, but a college essay is not the tool to prove it. There is no point in working on a very complex project with rare ideas and obscure research when it’s just one paper out of many you’ll be writing. Settle on something realistic instead. Following at least some of these methods will make your paper writing delightful.

160 Fresh Ideas for Your Persuasive Essay

We prepared sixteen different categories, each having ten topics for persuasive papers. Try any of them and pick the topic you like best. You can change it until it suits you perfectly or use it the way it exists — we don’t care; this list is for you.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

These topics are simpler than most others. You’ll find them useful and easy to work with if you're still at school.

1) Getting Married Is Overrated in Modern Society
2) Why Saving Money Is Better Than Spending It Immediately
3) Breakfast Is Not the Most Important Meal of the Day
4) Ordering Take-Out Is Preferable to Cooking a Meal by Yourself
5) Bella & Edward Are the Best Ships In Twilight  
6) Kindness Matters More Than Any Other Features
7) Movies Are the Most Interesting Form of Media
8) Violin Is the Most Overrated Musical Instrument
9) There Is Nothing Good about Summer Heat
10) Wearing School Uniform Is Stupid

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

High school requires more effort, but topics in this category are still relatively simple to follow. Try them.

11) Finishing High School Is Key to Getting a Good Profession
12) Education Is Not Important: Many Rich People Never Completed It
13) Pigeons Are the Best Birds & Make Great Pets
14) People Who Abuse Animals Should Receive At Least Ten Years in Prison
15) People Who Plan on Being Parents Must Undergo Obligatory Checks
16) Revenge Is a Healthy Feeling that Helps with Trauma
17) Students Should Not Have Cell Phones During Studying
18) Everyone Should Have at Least 3 Free Days a Week
19) Employers Should Pay for Vacations of Their Workers Entirely
20) People Should Not Keep Wild Animals as Pets

Persuasive Essay Topics for College

The majority of students who ask for help come from college. Some need college admission essay writing, while others are interested in topics for persuasive essays of corresponding complexity. They are tougher than school ideas but far from the university level.

21) Why Volunteering Is Good for a Soul
22) Internships Should Not Exist in Their Current Unfair Form
23) College Application Criteria Must Be Clearer
24) There Is No Better Weather than Rain
25) Every Student Must Learn a Second Language
26) People Are Getting Increasingly Stupid
27) College Should Have Obligatory Cooking & Cleaning Lessons
28) Every Day Must Start with a Glass of Clean Drinking Water
29) The World Should Start Actively Decreasing Meat Production
30) Getting a Pet Must Come with Obligatory Care Lessons

Persuasive Essay Topics for University

University projects are complex and many-layered. Find a topic that suits your position as a student earning a higher degree.

31) Education Must Be Free to Every Student
32) Doctors Should Renew Their License Every Five Years
33) Smoking Should Become Illegal
34) Online Bullying Needs Closer Monitoring
35) E-Readers Are Essential in Education Process
36) Eating Fast Food Is Not That Dangerous
37) Governments that Start Wars Must Be Instantly Disbanded
38) Cuddling with Toys Is Beneficial to Health
39) Everyone Should Receive Free Basic Clothes
40) Plagiarism Remains an Underestimated Issue

Arts & Culture Persuasive Topics

Are you interested in studying art and distinguishing between different cultures? Here are some relevant persuasive topics to write about.
41) Art Facilitates Healing
42) Some Cultures Are Unacceptably Violent
43) Artists Should Use Their Power to Improve the World
44) Some Art Is Overrated  
45) Every Culture Must Be Preserved
46) Chinese Culture Limits Women’s Rights
47) Writing Is the Truest Form of Art
48) Vandalism Is Not Art
49) Museums Must Become More Diverse
50) Video Games Are Both Art and Culture

Economic Persuasive Topics

These persuasive essays topics might be tough to explore, but if you like economics and understand its concepts and theories, you’ll like this list. Well, if you don`t like economics then buy an economics essay, our writers will help you with the assignment. Here are the best economic ideas:
51) Immigrants Boost Economics
52) EU Needs Stronger Policies for Screening Immigrants
53) Economy Can Be Environmentally Friendly
54) The US Must Start Repaying Its Debt
55) Millionaires Must Pay More Taxes
56) Free Trade Policies Harm the Economy
57) Freelancers Deserve More Financial Support from Government  
58) The Most Beneficial Economic Theory
59) Students Should Not Be Forced to Pay College Debt
60) Is the American Dream Economically Sustainable?

Education Persuasive Topics

If you’ve been studying for a while, you probably have a lot to say! Write persuasive essays about topics that reflect your academic experiences.

61) World Education Quality Is Insufficient
62) Evening Schools Must Exist Everywhere
63) Bullying Continues Getting Worse
64) Should Children Learn Typing in Kindergarten?
65) Cheating Should Not Result in Expulsion
66) No Books Should Ever Be Banned
67) Homework Must Become More Interesting
68) Students Should Pick Their Own Subjects
69) Sports Should Not Be Obligatory
70) School Students Should Be Allowed to Take a Gap Year

Ethics Persuasive Topics

Ethics holds society together. If you agree or disagree with some of its concepts, consider these morality-related persuasive essay prompts.

71) Cremation Is the Best Solution
72) Firing Loyal Employees Is Bad Even When Justified
73) Social Services Are Corrupt
74) Keeping Ashes of Loved Ones Is Healing
75) Is It Normal to Love One Child More than Another?
76) Abortion Is Only a Mother’s Choice
77) Forbidding Prostitution Is Unethical
78) Stupid Laws Deserve to Be Broken
79) Corrupt Politicians Must Be Sentenced for Life
80) Children Should Decide Who to Stay with After Parents’ Divorce

Government & Politics Topics for Persuasive Essays

Questions about politics always trigger heated debates. Try exploring political persuasive argument topics and get more people on your side of debate.

81) Us Should Help Ukraine More Actively
82) Israel and Palestine Must Be Forced to Reach Agreement
83) China Will Never Attack Taiwan
84) The World Should Unite for Helping Iranians Fight Their Government
85) Russia Must Leave UN
86) Trump Should Be in Prison
87) Biden Is Too Old to Be President
88) Everyone Connected with Putin Must Face Trial
89) Dynasties Should Be Dissolved as Forms of Government
90) Philippines Needs New Government

Health Topics for Persuasive Essays

Medicine always retains its relevance. Pick a position and find the best nursing topic for your persuasive essay.

91) Eating Less Meat Improves Health
92) Any Cancer Can Be Cured
93) People Could Easily Live Until 100 Years
94) Masks Do Not Offer Sufficient Protection against Diseases
95) Most Viruses Are Man-Made
96) Pigeons Do Not Pose Real Health Risks to Humans
97) Stress Shortens Life Span
98) Chocolate Makes People Happier
99) Alternative Medicine Deserves Attention
100) Nurses Deserve Higher Salaries

History Topics for Persuasive Papers

There are many persuasive essay examples out there, including on our website. Try them or just look at these titles — the past might be set in stone, but people always view it differently.

101) Inquisition Had No Value
102) Hitler Almost Succeeded in Conquering the World
103) Should the UK Pay Reparations to Its Ex-Colonies?
104) Treaty of Versailles Was Inherently Unfair
105) Knowing the Past Is Meaningless
106) Bermuda Triangle Is Not Mysterious
107) Does Slavery Still Exist?
108) Russia Has Been Committing Genocide Historically
109) Did King Arthur Really Exist?
110) Queen Victoria Was the Most Impressive Leader

Science Topics for Persuasive Essays

It’s difficult to find good persuasive essay topics on science, but we brainstormed and came up with ten interesting options. Have a look.

111) Plastic Pollution Will Destroy the World in 50 Years
112) Vaccinations Are Essential
113) Volunteers Should Be Used as Test Subjects in Research instead of Animals
114) Development of AI Is Dangerous
115) Nuclear Weapons Shouldn’t Exist
116) Is Cloning Pets Possible?
117) Space Exploration Deserves More Funding
118) Morality Behind Genetic Engineering
119) Argue for the Best Method against Climate Change
120) Is the Existence of UFO Proven?

Sports Topics for Persuasive Papers

Few things make people lose their head as much as sport does. Pick a topic and enjoy your chance to argue for your position with no opposition facing you!

121) Ice Skating Is the Most Beautiful Sport
122) Parental Pressure on Young Athletes Is Deadly
123) Sport Isn’t Interesting Enough to Represent a Nation
124) Children Shouldn’t Be Sportsmen
125) Is Talent a Must for a Successful Sporting Career?
126) Running is a Stupid Sport
127) Is Cheerleading an Actual Sport?
128) PE Classes Are Useless
129) Sport Should Be Ad-Free
130) US Football Is Not Inclusive Enough

Technology Topics for Persuasive Essays

Technology is always evolving. Choose one of its aspects and prove why your view is superior.

131) Are Textbooks Redundant?
132) Bitcoins Have No Future
133) Every Person Must Have Internet Access
134) Is Online Education Effective?
135) X Is the Worst Platform in Terms of Safety
136) Twitter Was a Better Name
137) Should Cabs Be Driver-Free?
138) Telemedicine Is Underrated
139) Is Elon Musk a Fool or a Genius?
140) Are Translators Obsolete with Technological Developments?

Social Media for Persuasive Papers

These days, it is difficult to find a person who wouldn’t be using social media. It evokes a lot of controversy — tackle it in your paper.

141) Reddit Made a Mistake by Removing Gift Options
142) Tumblr Is the Best Social Media Platform
143) Online Culture Is Toxic
144) Children Should Not Have Social Media Profiles
145) Telegram Is a New Social Media Hub
146) Facebook Facilitated Customer Service
147) Media Made Dating Easier
148) Online Safety Checks Are Abysmal
149) No User Should Disclose Their Real Name
150) Could Social Media Evolve Further?

Fun Persuasive Essay Topics

If you need cheeky persuasive speech topics or just something fun & interesting, this category is for you. Pick any topics you like from it.

151) Playing with Online Bots Is Like Watching TV
152) Circus Is No Longer Funny
153) Pillow Fighting Should Be a Sport
154) Batman’s Joker Has The Best Jokes
155) Effective Breakup Therapy, aka Ice Cream Eating with Friends
156) Daydreaming Is Better than Studying
157) Procrastination Is Not Always Bad
158) Virtual Reality Is Better than Real Life
159) People Must Laugh At Least Twice a Day
160) Students Should Wear Pajamas to Class Once per Year

Base Your Paper on the Most Inspiring Topic

No, you have 160 ideas for making your persuasive argument known. Select one and start your work. If you need help at any stage, let us know, and we’ll gladly give you a hand. Our team is online 24/7: we never stop accepting questions and requests. Make your own and write an A+ paper!