12 Angry men

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12 Angry men
12 Angry Men is a film that often explores various realistic topics, including critical thought, argumentation, stereotypes, and the importance of human life. Furthermore, the film emphasizes the importance of creating a diverse business culture and the value of leadership in a group environment. The film depicts a group of 12 men working together to solve a murder case. The essay will summarize and review the movie and apply class concepts such as group work and problem-solving.
Summary of the Film
12 Angry Men is a film that focuses on the proceedings of a jury in a murder case. 12 jury men are sent to deliberate on a first-degree murder involving an 18-year-old man who is accused of stabbing his father to death. The young boy is a Latino and a guilty verdict will mean an automatic death sentence. However, Juror number 8 by the name of Davis votes not guilty and believes that the rest of the jurors should deliberate on the matter to ensure beyond a reasonable doubt that the young individual is guilty. As the movie progresses, the jurors tend to unveil their different personalities and they range from empathetic to arrogant.

I like the film because it tends to captivate the audience with characters having different personalities. It brings out the tensions that exist in working in diverse groups, and how to overcome such challenges with the purpose of finding solutions to problems. I dislike the fact that the film is set in one jury room. The film should have been set up in different background settings. I recommend the film to all individuals working in a team to find solutions to problems. This includes: project teams, students and many others.

Film Analysis

The first-class concept that comes out clearly is working in a group. Group work is particularly important because it leads to increased performance and productivity. For instance, in the movie 12 Angry men, Juror number 8 works with the rest of the team members in unraveling the hidden details of the murder case. He claims that the elderly man in that claims he heard the boy scream would not have done so because a train passed at the same time. This prompted juror number 11 to question whether the defendant would have managed to stub his father, clean his finger teams on the murder weapon, and leave it plunged inside the chest. As a result, juror 11 changes his vote.

The second-class concept that is demonstrated by the 12 jurors is listening for understanding. Listening skills play a significant role in ensuring effective communication. In the movie 12 Angry Men, it is clear that Juror number 3 lacked the listening for understanding skills. For instance, during the deliberation process, he grows more irritated and explodes “He’s got to Burn!” This annoys Juror 8 who calls him “a self-appointed public avenger” (Reginald, n.p). As a result, Juror number 3 shouts “I’ll Kill him!” The conversations between the two of them prove that there is a lack of listening skills (Smith 00:02-00:34).

In conclusion, it is evident that team work and effective listening skills are important in finding solutions to problems. It also allows individuals with divergent skills and cultural backgrounds to share ideas that may be beneficial. The film shows that sharing and discussing ideas play a crucial and pivotal role in deepening one’s understanding of a specific subject area.

Work Cited

Reginald Rose. 12 Angry Men. Orion-Nova Productions, 1957

August 09, 2021

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