3M Health Information Systems

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This assignment deals with a case study subject to “the 3M Health Information systems,” a system devoid of IT business engagements since it entirely focuses on coping with healthcare-analytics. Overly, 3M HIS relies on the services provided by the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Such form of reliance acquires a significant approach since AWS executes tasks responsible for scaling and processing millions of electronic records on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the case study by the 3M HIS considerably describes the difficulties which provoked the need to patronize the lucrative effects attached to Cloud Solution implementation. A working Cloud Solution has several merits which enhance growth within the company.

            3M HIS, a globally renowned software company usually extend its services globally. The healthcare industry is 3M HIS target market. However, before achieving success in its operations, 3M HIS initially faced several challenges. Its’ general methodologies bound to service provision were quite classical. Rick Austin notes that 3M HIS had to spend much time to process even during weekends. 3M HIS could rely on services from collocated environments. Besides, the use of multiple IT centers made it difficult for 3M HIS to support its primary software solutions. The faster deployment of new applications could not occur since 3M HIS required agility. Rick Austin reveals that 3M HIS ability to extend support to its researchers, developers, and scientists could not match the expectations as needed. Therefore, the establishment of a possible foundation that would assist in eliminating barriers which limited 3M HIS from advancing its speed in innovation had to get considered.

            Through Amazon Web Services, 3M HIS noted that the approach subject to the cloud acted as a relief to its various difficulties in processing. Austin mentions that the cloud solution was possibly the only approach that would enhance speed, scalability, and security to the many customers subjected to the 3M HIS. Therefore, 3M HIS considered building an organizationally controlled private cloud where solutions provided by the cloud providers supported the company’s operation. Services from AWS were typically essential to 3M HIS; a determination from the exemplary performance and infrastructure as offered by AWS matched 3M HIS information system needs. David Frazee, 3M HIS Chief Technology Officer hinted out that his firm’s system matched accurately with AWS. Applications utilized by 3M HIS run simultaneously and efficiently on hundreds of Amazon Web Services. Therefore, through the integration of information systems, 3M HIS could overly rely on AWS Professional Services.

            When 3M HIS runs its applications, the process of scaling serves up or down usually gets achieved efficiently and in advance. Initially, to execute the provisioning of the server, a period of more that10 weeks could get considered. However, through the exploitation of Amazon Web Services, the flexibility bound to support scaling events usually become easier. Significant processing is possible with AWS, what an advantage to 3M HIS. Currently, the company can innovate in a faster way hence increasing the efficiency on the side of the developer. Therefore, it is always easy for 3M HIS to support its continuous deployment as well as its possible integration of pipelines when Amazon Web Services continue offering their support. Such an approach leads to the overall development and efficiency by 3M HIS. Overly, as 3M HIS continues extending its applications to AWS, the creation, as well as the implementation of innovative healthcare software continues to develop.


Amazon Web Services (2018). 3M Health Information Systems Case Study. Retrieved on        January 27, 2018, from https://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/3M-health-             information-systems/

September 04, 2023


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