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I am writing to apply for the role of a security officer that you have advertised on your website. Since it is my area of expertise, the potential presented is really attractive to me. I agree that my extensive expertise and experience make me a strong candidate for the post. My interest in security management, combined with my college diploma in the area, motivated me to apply for the job.

I am a committed professional who is tenacious, adaptable, and well-versed in a variety of fields. I am an artistic, critical, self-motivated, and optimistic individual with outstanding communication skills. My determination to always achieve quality results is what has kept me successful in my past efforts. I strongly desire to work in your organization with a promise to provide quality services. This will not only enable me to gain exposure but it will also help me to shape myself and contribute to the continuous development of your organization.

My main objective towards the realization of my dreams is to put in practice the knowledge and skills that I have acquired in maximizing and realizing my full potential. The job will give me enrichment, satisfaction and will help me to get the requisite skills that are vital in achieving my career dreams. I also intend to use this position to serve humanity through making my country and the world in general, a better place and to excel in whatever capacity that I serve.

As a child, I had the passion of working as a security officer and that is why I have put in a lot of effort to achieve my dreams. While growing up, I liked watching movies and programs, which are security related because I enjoyed the way security officers carried out their work. My personal competences include; having an eye for detail with a can-do attitude, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, tactfulness, confidence, ability to solve problems and work in a team, excellent organizational skills, integrity, accountability, proper time management and ability to work with minimal supervision.

In addition to my academic qualifications, I have three years of experience in security issues as I have worked with two organizations in the same capacity. I have a strong background in security management with a wide range of skills in corporate security practice, intelligence management, risk assessment, vulnerability and threat assessment, background checks, crisis management, and theoretical orientations in crime. I can also plan and offer high quality solutions for complex problems.

I started working as an assistant security officer after my secondary graduation with Cleveland clinic, a health facility that is found in the state of Florida. I worked with Cleveland clinic for two years before moving to Florida main hospital where I have been working to date. Cleveland clinic was named as the fourth best hospital in the US and its heart and surgery program has been ranked as the best for fifteen consecutive years (Raman, Tucker, & Gordon, 2010). The key strengths that I poses for success in this position include; Conducting risk assessments and threat assessments, physical security auditing and conducting security surveys in establishments, crisis management, emergency responses and routine security patrols, conducting psychosocial support for victims in crisis situations, environmental scanning, penetration testing and private investigations, background investigations and routine report writing.

During my work at Cleveland clinic I was mandated with conducting risks and threat assessments together with physical security auditing. As a security officer with Cleveland clinic I received several awards as a result of my dedication to the well being of the organization. The awards even motivated me further to take a degree in the same field. I have a passion in the field of security studies and I like my work because it exposes me to new things, which make me a better person each day. I have gained incredible knowledge about security management, thus I believe I am the best candidate for the position. My current engagements at Florida main hospital include; performing risk analyses, security assessments, external security audits, vulnerability tests and anticipating security alerts among others. As a security officer I am also mandated with implementing and maintaining security policies in the corporate environment, training colleagues in security procedures and awareness and coordinating security-related plans. Florida hospital uses the latest technology in most of their operations and thus requires best security practices (Thilmany, 2016).

I have a diploma in security management from Florida state college at Jackson Ville and I am currently taking a degree in the same field at Kaplan University. My life in both college and university has helped me to gain the requisite exposure that is needed in the job of a security officer. I have interacted with different people from diverse backgrounds. I will be very glad if you will consider me for this position. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.

Yours faithfully



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Raman, A., Tucker, A. L., & Gordon, R. (2010). The Cleveland Clinic: Improving the Patient Experience (Abridged).

Thilmany, J. (2016). Florida Hospital. Speech Technology Magazine, 21(3), 35.

October 25, 2022

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