A letter to my teaching role model

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I've chosen you to be my teaching role model. Because of your dedication to educating students and establishing ideals in them, I aim to be like you. I love your enthusiasm for learning and your conviction that every child can achieve their full potential. You work hard to make sure that the pupils' individual differences are well-cared for and pay attention to all of their needs without bias. You greatly motivate me to become a teacher because of these factors. You are so passionate about teaching and working with students all the time. In most cases, you are highly excited about impacting the lives of the students in a positive way.

There are very many qualities that I have found in you that I will apply in future when I shall have qualified as a teacher. The most conspicuous of them all is the growth mindset that you have managed to uphold. You thrive in positivity and will never allow negativity to drag you behind. About this is patience. When you are teaching your students, you exercise a lot of patience in dealing with issues that arise in the classroom. Many a time a concept isn’t understood well by the students, you are always willing to keep explaining until the students have gotten it well. No matter how long it took for the class to understand the concept you were still there and more than willing to do whatever it takes to have the students get the concept. This unshakable patience is so inspiring, and it shows that you believe in your students’ ability and therefore the willingness to go that extra mile to make things better.

Another quality that I admire in you is your high level of confidence. Throughout the semester you have remained calm and of a positive attitude. You have encountered several setbacks that might have put you down in a way. On the contrary, you managed to remain focused to your course without any intimidations. Despite the poor behaviors that the students projected towards you, you managed to contain yourself and move on and stayed focused on your path. Despite the challenges that come your way, you remained confident and focused onachieve your goals and objectives. This quality makes you an exceptional teacher as you are resilient and you always find every good thing in a setback making learning and moving on more natural than expected.

You also possess excellent classroom management skills. You often ensure that the behavior within your classroom is well managed. Students in most cases portray hilarious characters which may put a teacher off. You usually make sure that such practicesare well tamed by engaging the students entirely in the classroom activities. By ensuring that students are on task always the students have no time to behave weirdly. In most cases, you provide that all students listen attentively by avoiding distractions. You also circulate the classroom just to make sure that every student is on task while redirecting the unwanted behaviors that may be demonstrated. Managing the class is directly proportional for mastery of content. A well -maintainedclass, is a center for discipline and positive growth.

I have also noted that you have a very high mastery of content. This is the subject matter in line with the unit or discipline. You have incredible knowledge and content for the subject matter that you teach. This is demonstrated by how you freely answer the questions that the students answer without fear. This shows that you have a wide range of experience in all the details about the subject that you are handling. You have researched far and wide for you to stay up to date with information and knowledge in the subject matter. I admire this quality as you are often prepared which boosts your confidence.

I have also noted that you have set very high expectations for yourself and your students. A good teacher will have to set realistic and achievable results for themselves and their students. In so doing, you can gauge your progress and that of your students. Setting goals and objectives will keep you focused on the finish line; it is also a constant reminder of the things yet to be achieved. Besides setting very high expectations for your students, you always encourage them to work hard and give their best in all to meet their objectives. I want to emulate these qualities that you portray because I am also passionate about teaching and these qualities will stand out in my profession. I will also impact my students positively in a bid to transform their lives for the better.

I want to be a teacher because it is a fulfilling profession. Working with youngsters is my passion and seeing their lives transformed for the better is my delight. I love seeing young people being in a state of growing, embracing a growth mindset and believing that every student is endowed with talents and skills that improve their well-being is my delight. I believe in the young people and would love to nurture their creativity and innovation skills that will make them stand out at all times. I would also like to equip students with the skills and knowledge of solving the 21st-century problems that affect the world. It feels good to be part of this change and transformation hence my desire to become an educator.

I see myself growing to be a real change maker at thepolicy level in the next ten years by instilling positive values in learners and helping them overcome their challenges. I would like to bring change in the aspect of giving equal opportunities to the learners. This is because I firmlybelieve in every student’s ability to become whatever they want to become in future. I would love to instill positive values and virtues. Besides the knowledge and skills that the students would acquire, morality is necessary for every youngster to help them survive in the world. Rising a well-disciplined student will prevent them from getting into trouble in the later stages of life. It is also clear that learners are faced with various challenges in their everyday search for knowledge and skills. I will also seek to address the obstacles amicably while focusing on attaining our goals and objectives.

At the end of my career, I would like to leave a legacy of having transformed the lives of students and changing their mindset from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

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I am pleased that in the classroom I bring a lot of joy of learning to the learners. I make sure that my students are excited about learning which prepares them toremain engaged to knowledge. I will make sure that learning in the classroom is not seen as a burden but the learners find a reason always to wake up every morning to go to school. I will give my learners an appealing environment where they can express themselves without fear of intimidation from the students and me. I will ensure that every idea or answer that a student gives is appreciated which will encourage the student to keep trying and risking it more at a tender age improving their confidence. I would also nurture and support the creativity of the kids by appreciating any attempt that leads towards the right direction. I would inspire others by helping them to be patient with the young ones and nurture their confidence from the word go.

I would also support my peer teachers to help and appreciate any effort that the child makes. The use of positive reinforcement will boost the morale of the children. The use of words like well done, excellent and clapping whenever a child does something remarkable will enhance learning, and the children will be excited every day to wake up to go to school. I would be happy to instill positive values in the children right from an early age by correcting any behavior that is undesirable and encouraging desirable behaviors. This is donepromptly to avoid a repeat of the same.

April 06, 2023

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