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The organization employs a messaging strategy that includes the deployment of targeted messages that are clear and concise. Other options include media reviews in which reporters take part in product demonstrations and the posting of customer experiences. The company also employs social media strategies such as announcements, informal surveys, and eye-catching graphical representations. Furthermore, social media tactics allow clients to be followed at no extra cost. The social media platform is aligned with the qualities of the clientele, with Facebook being more informal than LinkedIn, which is far more professional. The product's key representatives are young people and middle-aged adults. This is because this population makes up the greatest percentage of consumers. As such, by using an integrated communication approach, the firm not only reaches more clients but also reduces advertisement costs through communication channels that are free such as Facebook and Twitter among others (Manjunatha & Ashwini, 2016).

The promotional strategy, on the other hand, is concerned with the of approaches such as contests, social media promotions, mail order marketing, product giveaways, customer referral incentives, causes, and charity as well as branded promotional gifts. Also, branded promotional gifts, customer appreciation events and after-sale customer surveys facilitate further promotion. These methods work well while salespeople have been established to have little impact. For a more efficient campaign, the number of customer incentives, discounts, gifts and most of all, social media ads and customer directed communication, education, and response to queries. All these commendations must be aligned with the company’s performance, target audience and the cost (Varthani, 2016). A sound promotional strategy must, therefore, focus on the needs of customers, the most cost effective approach and also the impact on client purchases.


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Varthani, V. (2016). Promotional Strategies for Services in Rural Market. IOSR Journal of Business and Management , 34-37.

May 02, 2023

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