A Midsummer Night's Dream Mood Paragraph

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The Silly and Comical Atmosphere

The craftsmen in the scene are debating how they would stage their play in front of the noble ladies. The resulting atmosphere is silly and comical.

Bottom's Dominance

Bottom, the character, dominates the actors' conversation and makes ridiculous comments about how they should handle their performance.

Absurd Recommendations

The other characters agree with the recommendations and move on to expand on them. Bottom, for example, means that Pyramus is not killed; and, for greater certainty, tell them that I Pyramus am not Pyramus, but Bottom the weaver: this will set them at ease (III.i.19-22).

Inclusion of a Prologue

The craftsmen are aware that they are going to act the play but they want to include a prologue that will explain all the actions including the fact that they are not the real characters in the play. Snout further introduces another silly question "Will not the ladies be afeard of the lion (III.i.26)?"

Unsensible Answers

None of the craftsmen seem to have a sensible answer to the issues they consider challenging to the performance.

Silly Ideas

They further introduce the idea of using people to play the part of moonlight and a wall. In all their ideas and discussions, it is clear the scene presents a silly mood that is likely to elicit some comical effect.

Stupidity of the Craftsmen

The craftsmen appear stupid with the issues they raise as well as the solutions presented. In particular, the silly mood is created by the ideas of introducing a prologue to explain the act of killing, the representation of the lion, and the use of people to show the moonlight and wall in the play.

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