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An account is a narrative. In contrast to the documentary and investigative film genres, narrative films are works of fiction. More than just the movie industry, narrative permeates every aspect of our culture and way of life. A narrative is told through narration, on the other hand, and the narrator is the one who does the telling.

The story is being told by the camera narrator. This is the main narrator, and he consists of several visual essentials which capture and arranges in every opus in any particular shot. The first person happens to be a character in the tale who mainly impacts messages in the form of a voice-over narration. This character's voice is heard, but the picture is never seen. The third person narrator is just the voice of the narrator, and he or she is not in the movie (Rimmon-Kenan & Shlomith, p96).

The function of the omniscient narration is that it is meant to give everything people want to know about the narrative in that it offers unlimited access to various aspects of the narrative. The restrictive narrative's work is to limit the information that is provided to the audience to the things known by a single character.

The various types of characters include; round character who has numerous traits that may change significantly over the course of the story. This character happens to display complexity. There are the flat characters who have few traits which are distinct, and he or she is not seen changing while the story progresses.

The elements of a narrative structure include; a plot which is a sequence of events which involves characters in certain conflict situations. There are the characters who are the people or personified animals involved in the story. There is also the theme which is the underlying meaning of the story.

The plot mainly refers to the way the narrative points are arranged. It happens to present the things that people see and hear in a film. On the other hand, a story involves all the events that we hear on the screen.

The order is the arrangement of plot events into sequences which are logical. This is done as per the significance they have in that particular act. The order used to make sure that the movie takes some time for it to unfold on the screen which represents the duration.

The relationship between story duration and screen duration is that story duration represents all the time passing during a movie but the time that is portrayed and viewed by the audience is the screen duration. So both of them show the same thing only that one is short.

Work cited

Rimmon-Kenan, Shlomith. Narrative fiction: Contemporary poetics. Routledge, 2003.

April 06, 2023

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