A Peer Interview

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The tasks and responsibilities of healthcare managers in health care settings are receiving increased attention. The perceived importance of their jobs has resulted in a greater emphasis on health care leadership and management. This essay contains the comments from an interview with Mr. Scott, a Human Resources for Health (HRH) expert, Health Systems Advocacy (HSA) practitioner, and current manager of a non-profit health care facility.

In the organization, I am in charge of administrative tasks. As a manager, I delegate responsibilities to subordinate employees and oversee their performance. In addition, I work closely with departmental heads to formulate policies and make major decisions that are geared towards improving efficiency in the provision of health care services. I oversee the recruitment and training of new staff who want to join our team.

Professionalism and how its effects on your work

Professionalism is the adherence to ethical practices, effective interaction with various users of health care facilities, and commitment to the provision of quality services gained through continued training. As a manager, I maintain the professional codes of conduct required in a healthcare setting. For instance, I treat all patients and members of my staff equally irrespective of their gender, year of experience, or departments they operate in. Maintaining professional conducts have enabled me to excel in a multicultural work environment. Moreover, the need to meet my professional goals has enabled me to excel in a role that requires a high level of integrity, positive attitude, transparency, and leadership skills.

Leaders as stewards of healthcare

In my view, leadership in health care is motivated by the urge to help others. Our health care institution is a non-profit institution committed to saving lives through the provision of quality health care services. I strongly believe that leaders in our organization are stewards. Through our commitment to saving lives, we have raised the standards of societal health.

Professional Advocacy and Authenticity

First, I am currently involved in healthcare system advocacy program advocating for recognition of community health care workers. Professional advocacy and authenticity is a crucial tool for changing staff attitudes and improving their performance. Through this, other staff members are inspired and become more committed to achieving organization goals.

The manager’s responses reveal the importance of professionalism the in delivery of healthcare services. In fact, it is evidenced that professionalism, stewardship, and advocacy are necessary tools in building a strong health care team. In addition, ethical practices and unbiasedness are needed for a management role in a health care setting.


The responses on the role in team differs in that the manager oversees the activities of various departments while other is involved scanning of patients. On the other hand, both of them work hand in hand with other team members and departments. Both believe that professionalism is suing the acquired skills to provide quality services to patients. Moreover, they both agree that professionalism positively influence their career journey. Although the response from peer review does not consider their leaders as stewards while the manager does, both agree that stewardship is a requirement the in the provision of health care services. Lastly, they both recognize the role of advocacy and authenticity in improving the attitudes and performance of health care team members. In my view, a feel that the two responses are similar in that they attach the importance of professionalism in building healthcare teams.

May 10, 2023

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