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I've spent my entire life hunting for a job that matches my personality. Many ideas have crossed my mind, but only a few have piqued my interest. Finding the meaning of the unknown has become easier with the rise of the internet age. In order to make an informed decision, I have been constantly researching the significance of some of the professionals in whom I am interested. I've learned that my personality attracts the attention of many people who approach me with their difficulties. Several folks I've interviewed previously have informed me that I have a sympathetic ear and am always willing to assist them with their problems. For some years now, my interest to understand human behavior has grown tremendously making me more attracted to the social sciences careers. Helping people in their difficult times especially through giving them the emotional support has been an integral part of ensuring that they comfortably tackle their life challenges. Even without offering solutions to people's problems, a good number feel comfortable and relieved by just sharing their life challenges as I give them the sympathetic ear. Through these accomplishments, I recently made up my mind to go down the field of psychology, to grow my passion and change lives.

My decision to practice psychology is supported by various researches like the one done by Alfred Adler on the individuals' well-being. Adler said that people will always pursue the activities that make them feel in control of their lives and maximizing their relationships with others (Adler, 1927). Sharing stories with others was also found to be a solution to the hopelessness and helplessness feelings which are the key factors triggering depression. The people coming to me reported an improved lifestyle and more tuned to meet their life desires. These outcomes were in line with the outcomes of the longitudinal study carried out by Adler involving 47 people who had their mental health assessed in 12 therapy sessions (Ellis, 1957).

The people I have previously associated with have revealed sharing their problems before with the wrong people has been counterproductive. Some people cannot be trusted with keeping secrets and even after sharing with them the challenges, it is not a guarantee that they will give sound solutions to the problems at hand. One person shared with me the challenges of involving friends when being bombarded with anxiety and depression. Instead of getting long-term solutions to the problems, the results were getting ripped into pieces and ending up in a more critical situation than before. Therefore, fear suppresses the desire to open up to people especially to the people who we have never talked to before (Wosket, 2016). A significant percentage of the people I have recently handled have revealed that they had to push and reassure themselves that everything would be okay after trusting me with their sensitive personal issues.

For a long time, I have been looking at the life histories of the most influential psychologists and their personalities at childhood. Offering a helping hand and been in touch with the peoples' problem was a common denominator as they sought various ways to sold their psychological problems. They also encouraged people to push for their live desires to achieve their dreams regardless of the challenges in their lives. Seeing people recover from anxiety and depression spread joy in my life and has made me have the desire to add more skills and knowledge in the field of psychology.

My analysis of the recurrent psychological issues affecting the contemporary society has revealed that relationship issues have been too complicated to handle. The marriage institution has been affected by the turbulent times making the formerly sacrosanct institution to lose its meaning. The rate of divorce has skyrocketed over the recent past making the unmarried couples lose the meaning of being in a long-term committed institution (Bramlett & Mosher, 2001). The analysis has made me have an interest in delving deeper into the fields of sex psychology and licensed marriage. The knowledge in these fields will be an integral part of ensuring that family institution is preserved and hence, guaranteeing the stability and order in the society. I may not have been so much experienced in counseling couples, but my research on the field of marriage has made me successfully solve cases involving newlywed partners.

My interest to help people with their psychological problems was not met with opposition from my parents. They took it as a talent that should be nurtured for the realization of bigger goals later in life. My parents describe me as having been an influential child who drew all sought of friends regardless of their race and religion. I also avoided any forms of conflict, and whenever there was a disagreement amongst my friends, they choose me as the most appropriate person to intervene and come up with a peaceful solution. My teachers were also aware of my talent, and they claimed that I would solve controversial issues involving pupils before they drew the attention of the higher authorities.

From my experience and the significant achievements, I have learned that talent should be identified at nurtured from the youthful age. At this stage, parents play a significant role in shaping their children's talent and should be in a position to draw the thin line between the relative and the developmental age. It is worth noting that if a child has a younger development or relative age compared to the rest of the peers, then, there are higher chances of appearing less talented and skilled. There is also the need to educate parents on the various psychological techniques to use in the identification of talents because a child might have the potential of being the best athlete in the world this might pass unnoticed (Dries, 2013). I have recently been spending a significant period of my free time to find out the various measures to easily identify talent at a tender age. Just like my story has turned out as a success, I believe that many other talents can be nurtured for the realization of similar ends. It is also important to expose children to a variety of activities at their early age to trigger their creativity and innovations whenever possible.


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April 19, 2023



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