A Supply Chain Analyst

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The Supply Chain Career

The supply chain career is a broad field that includes numerous subdivisions. The necessity to acquire (procure) resources for an organization triggers the urge to enter the field. Depending on how interested he is in a particular vocation, a person chooses to specialize in that field.

Why I Want to be a Supply Chain Analyst

I would rather be a supply chain analyst because of the advantages it will provide for me as I advance. My skills revolve around the necessary abilities. I am quite knowledgeable about managing inventories, including taking and controlling stock. I'm a fantastic communicator, and I have outstanding mathematical ability. Above all, I can conduct data analysis hence manage to do a forecast which is most relevant when it comes to supplying chain. The analysis involves the critical reviewing of a particular target, in this case, the supply chain. I love to detect and ensure that the position given as an analyst provides a perfect performance. My research skills and analysis expertise, I would like to exercise them practically and observe their outcome. I would love to work tirelessly to improve and besides, predict the processes involved in the supply chain. The career broadens when it comes to different commitments. I believe I will be able to incorporate changes as they occur in the relevant field. While in this area I will be able to detect problems associated with procurement, do a thorough investigation using my skills and identify the cause of the difficulties hence provide solutions. Additionally, my desire to translate my classwork especially generating reports and monitoring of the various logistic compliance gives a mileage of the need to venture into the sector (Nahmias & Cheng, 2009).

Commitment and Advantages

The career requires sacrifice regarding time, to ensure that the analysis was done reliable, and the managers can use such an investigation to make strategic decisions. It entirely involves since data analysis tools, and financial analysis forms part of the activities undertaken. Therefore, I believe if the organization engages competent personnel, then a reflection of transparency is possible in the path of the supply chain. Working long hours is one of my weaknesses. The reason behind it is to ensure all policies and the standards of the organization are maintained. The mentioned supporting statements make the career attractive.


Nahmias, S., & Cheng, Y. (2009). Production and operations analysis (Vol. 4). New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

March 02, 2023

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