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A Performance Improvement Plan

A performance improvement plan, as a tool used by employees to develop and accomplish goals, assists in recognizing how they carry out their obligations as it is critical to construct it. The key goal of the program is to ensure high worker productivity because it is critical to monitor staff performance. And how they work is determined by the scheme devised by the organization.

Organizational Support for Personal and Professional Development

Every employee wishes to get organizational support for their personal and professional development. The project should have a design that is conducive to the employee's performance as this may not always be the case as some have a plan created in a way that does not favor the employee. Serag Smith and Lee (2016) found out that sometimes when a worker is on a performance improvement plan; there may be a possibility of the boss wanting to get rid of the employee. One may wonder what reasons would make a manager to place an individual on a plan of improvement as far as performance is concerned. There are indeed different reasons. Some of which may be personal and some based on performance. As performance is critical, it is crucial to have a vibrant and functional human resource that comes together to ensure a reasonable plan to assess the workers in a place. An efficient human resource department provides that particular policies of the company are brought in place as this helps different employees in their respective departments to reduce direct harassment from the manager to employee. A safe and efficient human resource system brings about fair evaluation and judgment that is not biased. The team should, therefore, ensure proper planning, monitoring, and appraisal of employee work results by training managers to coach and discipline employees by scheduling management conferences with employees, listening and resolving employee grievances and finally, counseling staff and supervisors.

The Importance of Performance Records

Employee's performance has to be based on records as it is essential when it comes to reviewing performance since the manager needs to see the progression of the worker. The human resource plays a major role in providing relevant information to managers and consultants on their expectations. They have to facilitate employees' improvement by supplying the necessary resources used in the human resource role so as to support the productivity of the workers at the workplace to enhance the organization's goals. With all this in place, it is necessary for the concerned team in the group to create a reasonable and workable plan for employees. Fisher, Gonzalez and Fisher (2016) denoted that the primary purpose should ensure that the lives of workers are improved rather than getting rid of them when formulating a plan of performance, it is for this matter critical to keep such questions in mind so as to make a reasonable plan.

Understanding Job Expectations and Correcting Problems

There is also need to find out whether the employee understands the expectation of the job given. And if he or she does not, make an assessment of possible problems, to understand that they are corrected. For this case, the matter may not only lie with the employee but also the organization. Regarding this, managers should have an open dialogue with a worker to know what has gone wrong and where and solve the issue. A plan can for this matter be used to new hires to define their presentation and expectations by documenting issues raised. A detailed record that is objective and factual should come to play (Koubova & Buchko, 2013).

The Key Components of a Performance Improvement Plan

The plan varies as the manager will need to have details such as the employee's particulars, the relevant dates, description of the performance gap, description the expected difference, the plan of action, the signature of employer and employee and finally, evaluation of the overall proposal. Secondly, it is important to develop an action plan. To ensure growth within the company, the person in charge should have a provisional action plan that brings about the employee's feedback. The proposal needs to be measurable and has specific objectives that are accurate. And for this matter, the supervisor should be in a position to know whether an employee needs time, training, additional resources or coaching so as to achieve the objectives. Third, the performance plan needs to be reviewed from time to time. At this point, the supervisor seeks the help from the manager before meeting with the employee to discuss the proposal plan as the action is based mainly on objectivity. The next thing is to meet the employee, and this is whereby the supervisor has to lay out with clarity the areas for improvement and planning on and what action should take. After that, on a regular basis, follow-ups should be held a decision of either weekly, bi-weekly or on a monthly basis made by outlining the plan of improvement. Alternatively, it is important for the employee to have an opportunity to ask questions and seek guidance during follow-ups. The supervisor should also discuss the possible roadblocks of the employer as this could significantly contribute to performance. And if the improvement progress is satisfactory, it should act as means of motivation towards the employee for continued growth.

Dealing with Noncompliance and Assessing Performance Progress

Finally, if an employee does not comply with the performance, then the employer should close it and make a consideration of reassigning, demoting, transferring or even terminating employment depending on the present circumstances. It is supposed to create room for bettering performance among employees, and if the improvement is not evident, there are very few options to deal with the employee. On the other hand, if growth is evident among the employees, then the supervisor can decide to do away with the proposal plan as he or she is convinced that the employee has changed one's attitude towards complying with the organization's rules and regulations. And for this matter, as people at the workplace are bound to make mistakes, making an effort to do what is required is paramount. From time to time, employees may find themselves falling under the performance improvement plan because of the different reasons. Therefore, the responsible manager should try to attract the employee to a deep understanding of the cause of poor quality of work, but, on the other hand, the employee must also pull up one's skills to catch up, regardless of what he or she experiences in his or her life.


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June 12, 2023



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