A Voice Mail Follow-Up

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I'm writing to follow up on the email I gave you regarding some modifications to the institution's staff members' vacation policies. I'm writing to let you know that, as per your request, the message was delivered to every employee on December 2 at 10 AM local time. The new vacation policy adjustments were well received by the workers, but new hires should be educated and made aware of the changes as they didn't appear to grasp them. Some employees raised some questions concerning the maximum number of vacation accruals they can take particularly when their normal vacation holidays are affected by emergency occurrences like death, anniversaries and sickness. The policy was well structured to fit the needs and requirements of the staff members. As your assistant supervisor, the team commended the good work you are offering to the entire institution.

According to the new policy changes you issued, staff members who are not covered by the policy are requesting to join the staff union of the university because they don't want their vacation and time off to be determined by their departments head. The past few weeks the institution have been tremendously successful because the employees seem to be satisfied with the new changes, and most of these success hails from the input and guidance you kindly gave us through the new vacation policy. To show our appreciation, the staff members have prepared a presentation in your honor.

The entire university team is requesting that you make a special appearance to our next quaternary team meeting. Please notify me on the dates that you are available next month to schedule the session under your favor. I am looking forward to your response.


Tina McAden,

Assistant supervisor.


March 10, 2023
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Policy Change Message

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