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The Experience of a New Place

The place I went to gave me a fresh experience. Such a road and setting had never before been witnessed by me. I believed I was exploring a foreign land. I had the impression that I was in a different ecosystem with this new setting when compared to my neighborhood in London, which had distinctive natural elements. This fantastic experience was made possible by the enormous towers and structures as well as the parallel, congested roadways. When opposed to my neighborhood in London, this produced a very different scene.

The Unique Architecture

The architecture of this new habitat was also distinctive. As a result, the architecture was uniform and homogeneous. This is something I had not seen in the past in relation to the setting of the buildings in a given environment. Majority of these buildings were established through the use of granites and other large stones. There were also large columns, which had huge windows. These offered unique buildings made of different styles, which were not comparable to the modern ages. An example of these is the Victorian, Edwardian Baroque, Palladian and Modern Architecture. These buildings were also characterized of companies having a high occupancy of employees. Further, several shops existed in between these buildings. An example of this is the Adam's street from Bishops Gate Avenue, which had several shops in between the buildings.

The Use of Glass in Buildings

I liked the general architectural depiction of these buildings in this area. It was interesting to see the use of immense glass and massive columns being used in most of these buildings. The use of these materials is associated with the reduction of the cost of energy, which helps in the attainment of cost savings in big firms having such huge buildings. However, the large buildings and streets reduced the space to have adequate lighting for these structures. Hence, glass was commonly used as a material for these buildings to assist and permit the sun rays to pass and lit the rooms. This minimized the need to have electric or solar energy being used for lighting purposes. The natural light is good for people to see and interact with each other.

My Design Projects

I love using glass in my design projects. This is because glass enables me to capture the maximum amount of solar energy. In my second project, I have used glass as one of the materials. Additional areas that I visited include Cheapside Street, Queen Street, and Victoria Street. These had remarkable architecture that includes the Cannon building, which is adjacent to the Subway Station.

The Ugly Pipes on Some Buildings

Nevertheless, I did not like the use of pipes outside some of the buildings. These pipes made the buildings look ugly. An example of this is the Queen-street building, which glass had covered by the pipes, which had the impact of minimizing the amount of solar rays. My favorite buildings are The Lloyd's of London and The Leaden hall building. These are structures that I love. When I saw the building with pipes on the outside, I thought of a factory and asked myself why a factory was being set at the center of the city. However, I found that the insurance company used an element, which was related to commercial and industrial buildings of the area.

Learning from the Trip

I learned from this trip how to relate personal geography with that of other areas. I also comprehended that residential and industrial areas are different. The same case applies to residential and industrial buildings.

March 17, 2023

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