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Movies are primarily intended to amuse and educate a person watching different lessons. Various documentaries are made to prove the developments in the entertainment industry and the various technological advances that are beginning to take place. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a mysterious fable that clearly depicts the supernatural world. Teenagers kept the film alive and fascinating due to the pursuit of demons and the extermination of vampires. Buffy gains allegiance from audiences in several respects throughout the movie, based on the emotional bond that Buffy has with strong characters. The reason as to why one would want to have his eyes glued on Television all day watching the movie is the Buffy myth that tends to bring those watching aboard the movie. Notably, no one would want to miss the flexibility in the story rhythm that spurns the whole movie and its characters to build a narrative design.

Despite Buffy being the movie cheerleader, she is also a beautiful high school student. In the initial opening of the Tv series, she may be the ex-cheerleader owing to the fact that she tries for the Sunnydale High School squat but then she gets too held up to focus on cheerleading. The actual thing that leads to her high school distraction is her efforts to ensure Sunnydale’s well-being. Sunnydale is a community in California that is confused by neighbors who gave up on life and came up on the untended hell mouth. Through Buffy role in the movie, it is easy to get addicted to the movie than give focus to the movie and the sequence it follows. Buffy becomes an addiction because of the originality and quality of devising, writing, casting and directing. It may be misinterpreted that the addiction is drawn from the contemporary “Buffy” character and the lucky cultural fine-tuning that is enhanced in the movie, which may totally not be the case,

However much the ground rules are laid, Buffy just finds an amazing way to break the ground rules. Buffy changes characters in the view of developing dynamic ones and at some point change them with others that can play the same role better than they already do. At some point in the midst of the movie, the central line of vampire destruction relies on metaphors that tend to hang to form allegory. It goes without saying that the movie gained popularity because it was released during a time when there were few female characters that were strong. Buffy built confidence in her fellow female colleagues who felt downtrodden to get on their feet and do what is required of them.

Buffy Summers fancies boys a lot, and it works to her advantage because she is tough, beautiful and focused. Although she is an airhead, it is not until later on in the movie that we focus this part of her. Despite being gorgeous, Buffy regrets having this part of her as according to her; it takes the better part of her day. She portrays an even personality as she is a strategist and a kick boxer not forgetting a great technician. Despite the portrayal of a perfect personality, she has an overtone of all peculiar adult behavior. As the movie goes on, she forms both good friends and bad enemies. This formation works to help develop the scenes in the movie and enrich it with apparent, ambiguous and complex character. The fusion creates an adorable character formation that escalates from one scene to another within the movie.

Later on in the movie, some peers gradually discover Buffy’s secret identity. To her advantage, these are the good friends she as they decide to chip in to give aid to her in whichever way they can. Buffy get entangled in a relationship with Angel the vampire. However, the love goes through bad years and proves to be fatal by causing complications in her life. Spike who is in bite detox against his will by the chip inserted in his head by friends is also on the list of the many people that Buffy sort of loves.

Just as any other high school, Sunnydale just never has the perfect room that enough students can fit in. Students keep coming on and off committing acts of disloyalty, discretion, feckless support and treachery. Even though the movie has several of these characters, the movie doesn’t keep them for long which is advantageous. The movie doesn’t need such characters around so doing away with them is the wisest decision the director of the movie saw fit.

Conclusively, the movie has several lessons that one needs to take in as they watch it every step of the way. It has the moral lesson that life does not always fall into place and we may not always get what we so desire to have at particular times. The decision does not lie in us to acquire what we what at the opportune time but rather the methodology that we have towards achieving the mindset goal. Notably, the movie also informs those watching that even though sometimes things may seem like they are falling out of place, in the real sense they may be falling into place.

July 24, 2021


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