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An organizational ecosystem quantifies an organization's community. The standards and practices that formed the organization are referred to as its culture. Thus, it requires a company's leadership, inspiration, internal and external environments. As a result, corporate ethos breeds an organizational environment. Google's corporate ethos, for example, has bred it into a top company with the strongest organizational environment (Ehrhart, et al, 2014).

Google has developed a supportive corporate culture that encourages its staff and contractors to communicate openly. This is through the company using a casual and democratic atmosphere where more than 40000 employees interact freely and get to know each other (Ehrhart, et al, 2014). The company has exercised transparency in its activities and in the values and mission of the company; every employee is aware of what to do and how to do it. Lastly, the company engages the employees in community work and it highly recognizes the employees for any small contribution made by each employee. This is among many ways through which Google has used to ensure that it maintains a positive organizational behavior so as to breed into the best organization with a good climate.

Generally, good organizational climate gives an organization a good image to the public. To develop a good culture and climate, Google has developed a positive organizational behavior in the organization. Through this they have developed the company’s image to the public thus making it attractive to potential employees and investors (Ehrhart, et al, 2014). Therefore, it is through the maintenance of a good organizational climate that this company grows. That is why Google has invested in maintaining a good culture with the employees and thus portraying a good image to the public.


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December 21, 2022

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