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The Dominance Rule

The dominance rule states that when two species with opposite alleles for a given gene coexist in the cell, the genotype would express the dominant allele. Mendel's inheritance rules examine the interdependence of the different elements of heredity (Solomon, Martin, Martin, & Berg 227).

A particular one or two flavors or variant of a given gene is referred to as an allele. A genotype is a pair of alleles for a particular trait that an organism possesses. According to heredity principles, in any situation where specific genes happen in two forms, one given character will always be expressed over another trait where one is dominant while the other is recessive. The genes are encompassed in chromosomes, and the site of the gene occupied in the chromosome is the locus that is occupied by the different forms of a particular gene called alleles (Solomon et al. 227). The dominant one is the one where an allele is expressed and hides another trait during homozygous (RR) and in the case of heterozygous (RR) while the recessive trait is the allele or trait that is masked and expressed as (Rr). A heterozygote is a situation where the organism comprises of two different gene alleles for a particular trait and is denoted as Rr while homozygous refers to an organism or plant having two identical gene alleles and is always indicated as RR.

The Second Law of Heredity

The second law of heredity is the law of segregation, which depicts that separation or segregation of two genes occurs during the process of gamete formation where a gamete is a reproductive cell, which unites during the process of sexual intercourse forming a zygote (Solomon et al. 236). The members of a gene pair of heredity traits separate from one another hence, one a given member of gene pair enters a specific gamete. The last law of heredity is the law of independent assortment that says the expression of a specific trait does not affect another trait expression as the genes are always inherited independently and is only applicable when the two particular genes are on two separate chromosomes (Solomon et al. 236). Diploid is a cell that happens to be containing two copies of specific two chromosomes and phenotype is the observable traits or characteristics of an organism.

Work Cited

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