About Internet Based Media Exposure and Responses

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Technology Advancement and Media in Education

Technology advancement has brought about an age in which media is at the heart of the educational system. Most parents have concerns about their children being subjected to different forms of advertising. Children must be taught the basics of life and education in order to learn and mature into active citizens of society. Because of the growth of the media through the internet, the education sector has been able to expand and integrate with participatory culture. Parents must remember that every child needs to learn skills and experiences that will enable them to become a part of society, contributing to the educational, political, economic, and social facets. Different media when well embraced can be utilized and tailored to suit the particular needs of each child. Parents also need to understand the aspect through which media has brought change in the education sector. The articulation and abilities of a child are enhanced when they have a better understanding of how they perceive the media as well as the worldview. Media helps in the integration of a child’s social skills and improve their cultural competencies. Internet based media is also used and incorporated by teachers into classwork as a way of making it more participative.

The Role of Media in Child Development

Parents need to also know and put into consideration the fact that media can and has helped most children to become fuller participants through the use of educational simulations, production activities as well as blogs and wikis. Such activities result in the application of new techniques of knowledge production not just in a class set up but also in community participation. Core technical skills are learnt during after school hours thus making students advance towards becoming media makers. Parents need to become more knowledgeable about the basic information that would help in dealing with both expanding media options as well as have a breakdown of the traditional gatekeeping functions (Ford and Ford 392).

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November 03, 2022


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