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Management and Organizational Objectives

Management is the process of persuading individuals to cooperate in order to use resources effectively and efficiently to achieve the intended organizational objectives and goals. Managers coordinate both group and solitary activities to achieve the common organizational goals and objectives. There is a need for integration and delegation of jobs because most managers are in charge of more work than a single employee can typically handle (McGough, 2013). To increase organizational outcomes, a manager must be able to instill energy, focus, creativity, inspiration, and fresh ideas into the workforce.

Qualities of an Exceptional Manager

An individual must comprehend his tasks and responsibilities in order to successfully manage a difficult task. An exceptional manager selectively reveals his weaknesses to enable employees to see that he's approachable. Doing so helps galvanize commitment and builds trust in the workplace. Secondly, a good manager heavily relies on intuition to gauge the proper timing of his actions. A manager should also manage his subordinates with tough empathy so that he provides employees with what they need and not what they want (McGough, 2013). Exceptional managers also need to have unique qualities to signal separateness and to create a social distance from the employees, which in turns motivates the workforce to perform better. I have gained mentioned qualities from the class that makes it possible to serve as anyone's manager.

Management Style and Success

The success of an organization depends on management style. An exceptional manager should manage people through other people. Given any setting to manage, I would first embrace an effective communication because communication plays an integral role in the operation and management of any organizational setting. Allowing open communication would enable employees to share their ideas, thoughts, and grievances promptly. An organization also needs the clear vision and planning to give employees direction that they need to follow. The organization must have a clear structure for conflict management. Furthermore, for a manager it's critical to have faith on employees and engage them in decision-making since doing so helps in employee motivation. It's also important to embrace diversity where employees' values, spirituality, identity, and characters are respected (Cafferky, 2012). Thinking strategically is also important as it will enable the organization to identify emerging opportunities and anticipate major shifts in the market to gain competitive advantage.

Processes for Organizational Success

Various processes can ensure the success of an organization. Since most problems arise from poor communication, I would establish a clear communication structure to improve reporting of problems and grievances. Training and development is also part of communication to improve employees' skills. I would also establish flexible work processes to motivate employees. Furthermore, I would also avail necessary resources to encourage learning, creativity, and innovation.

Building a Positive Work Environment

Establishing and maintaining a good relationship with employees is integral to a positive work environment. An exceptional manager must also encourage the development of a good relationship between employees. Fostering a positive relationship in the workplace encompasses the creation of a strong mission statement, practicing constant and effective communication, setting clear expectations and providing timely response to employee concerns or issues, and recognizing positive work behavior.


In conclusion, the success of an organization depends on manager's actions. An exceptional manager should create a working environment that is accommodative to all. Communication, planning, vision, and expectations play an integral role in the success of organizations; therefore, they must be clear and precise. Managers must have faith in employees and develop an atmosphere that improves human relations to enable an organization to realize its goals and objectives.


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March 02, 2023

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