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Nancy Pelosi is the Democratic leader of the United States House of Representatives during the 115th Congress, with a focus on strengthening America's hardworking families. She has tackled a variety of objectives, all with the goal of increasing opportunities and growing the economy (Pelosi, 2016)

Immigration, according to the Immigration Reform website, has always been a replenishing factor for both society and the economy. It has given birth to new beliefs, aspirations, hope, resolve, and work ethics (Pelosi, Immigration Reform, 2016). Each wave of immigration, according to this article, has enhanced America and renewed faith in its history and traditions. For those reasons, Nancy Pelosi and other House Democrats introduced a bipartisan, comprehensive legislation aimed at securing borders, uniting families, protecting workers, offering citizenship to aspiring Americans and reducing the nation’s deficit by nearly $1 trillion. During her meeting with community leaders in San Francisco earlier this year, over the president’s Trump recent orders targeting immigrants and refugees, the House Minority Leader stated that “Immigrants who bring their courage and dreams to the United States make America more American”. She went further to indicate, in a federal building round-table discussion, that immigrants invigorate and strengthen the country (Har, 2017)

Healthcare: According to Pelosi, healthcare in America should be a right for all. As a democrat, she and others are fighting to ensure access to quality, affordable healthcare, providing coverage for millions of uninsured Americans, strengthening the Medicare system, expanding insurance for low-income children, funding research for disease cures and giving patients power to take charge of their health. She and other democrats enacted the Affordable Care Act, a historic law that ensures all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care and significantly reduces long-term health care costs. Currently, that legislation is empowering Americans with health security, personal and economic freedom that it provides. Citizens are at liberty to lead healthier lives and pursue their hopes, dreams and happiness (Pelosi, Healthcare, 2016). Courtesy of the Affordable Care Act, Americans are already seeing lower costs and stronger coverage in that:

2.5 million additional young adults up to age 26 now have health insurance

5.1 million seniors and people with disabilities have saved $3.2 billion on their prescription drugs

105 million Americans have had a lifetime limit on their coverage removed

Up to 17 million children who have had pre-existing conditions are no longer denied insurance coverage (Pelosi, Healthcare, 2016)

Education: A major source of treasury revenue is investment in children’s education, may it be early childhood, K-12, higher education, postgraduate or lifetime learning (Pelosi, Education, 2016). Pelosi and her fellow democrats are working to expand educational opportunities for every student by strengthening schools, expanding early childhood education strategies and modernizing classrooms. The democratic representative stands for educational reforms aimed at creating a 21st century workforce that will lead upcoming industries and ensure Americans remain a leading economic powerhouse. Pelosi’s stand in educational reforms has been observed in her actions some of which include:

Voting YES on $84 million in grants for Black and Hispanic colleges a motive that would see the reduction of college costs to those students most in need.

Voting YES on requiring states to test students to enable track progress.

Co-sponsoring an amendment to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. This established a grants program that would: recruit, train and hire 100,000 additional teachers over a seven-year period; reduce class sizes nationally in grades one to three to an average of 18; improve teaching in the early grades so that all students can learn to read independently and well by the end of the third grade.

The National Education Association, indicating pro-public education votes, rated Pelosi 100%. (Democratic Representative (CA-8), 2016)

Inequality: In her article on civil rights and human rights, Pelosi points out that the United States strength is drawn from the ideal that all men and women have equal rights despite where they come from, whom they love or what they look like. She is therefore an aggressive advocate of human rights in the face of oppression. Being one of the democrats, they have worked very hard in defending both civil and human rights. Among the various steps taken to achieve this include:

Fighting to enact the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and stop discrimination in businesses

Backing legislation to revise, renew and strengthen the Voting Rights Act

During her career in congress, Pelosi lead the fight to call for Chinese government to respect the rights of its citizens and to end political persecution (Pelosi, Civil Rights and Human Rights, 2016)

Most stories in the press that touch on Nancy Pelosi mainly focus on her contribution in the American congress. Some of the highlighted stories include agendas on economic growth and job creation, women’s economic agenda, immigration reforms, gun violence prevention, civil rights and human rights, educational reforms, health care, environment, energy and campaign finance reform. As an opponent of the republicans, her role in challenging various agendas by the majority has also been discussed for instance on the immigration agenda.

Nancy Pelosi has received a relatively adequate cover from the press. She has demonstrated reasonable criticism of the current regime (the republicans) and this has earned her quite some limelight. The Washington Times in particular gives the most recent and up-to-date cover highlighting some recent stories such as: Pelosi’s pride about the dignity exhibited by democrats during Trump’s speech; her opposition towards repealing Obama care; her championing for favorable immigration reforms; her criticism of poor judgment by president Trump and the expression of how sorry she felt about Trumps insecurity based on voter fraud comments.

For more information concerning Nancy Pelosi and the issues she addresses, the following sources would be beneficial to a citizen: newspapers e.g. The Washington Times; personal blogs; journal articles; credible websites and newsroom updates.

Nancy Pelosi’s website is quite plausible. Her vast contribution in the American congress has been laid out chronologically from the past to present and forms most of the images in the website. The credibility of information on her website is supported by the fact that other blogs and articles give information that is consistent with the one in her website. From a personal point of view, her website is quite adequate, simple to use and gives almost all of the information one would require concerning Pelosi.

She is active on various social platforms: on twitter as @NancyPelosi; on Facebook; on LinkedIn. These platforms highlight her biography, professional profile and issues she addresses in government. Citizens, fellow politicians, government bodies, the press and the international community constitute her audience.


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