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The Role of the Film Director

The director is the equivalent of a playwright or novelist in a film. For most instances, the film director is in control of the film's creativity and dramatic elements. He envisions the screenplay when supervising the technical staff and actors to ensure the vision is realized. The director is referred to as an auteur in this situation. His personal influence and overall control over the film are so strong that the director is considered the film's writer (Grant and Barry 231).

Paul Thomas Anderson: A Remarkable Film Director

Paul Thomas Anderson is an example of a film director that has a significant personal impact on filmmaking endeavors. Anderson is an American movie producer who was fascinated by film creation since his early age. He was born on June 26, 1970, in California. His association with his mother was not strong, but he had a great closeness with his father who encouraged him to pursue the film industry. He is married to Maya Rudolph since 2001 and has three daughters and one son. Anderson has successfully directed seven-story length films, five short movies, twelve musical videos, single television episode, one biography and one theatrical production. This essay depicts the instances of Anderson's real life as detected in his imaginary life.

Anderson's Control of His Films

All the films directed by Anderson are have been written by himself. He possesses full control of the filmmaking and produces notably long and consistent movies. Every production he directs manages to balance between being fetching and thoughtful. The most remarkable movies owned by Anderson include Magnolia, Boogie Nights and There Will Be Blood. The aspect that makes Anderson unique from the others is his lack of style. His manner of doing things varies with time according to the story he narrates. He is capable of shifting from the family based stories to pornographic production and even influential villain detectives (Anderson 892) His capacity to induce career finest performances obtainable in actors who are best in the field has paved his way to the top realm in the movie industry. Daniel Day Lewis, Julianne Moore, and the late Phillip Seymour. He managed to squeeze an outstanding performance out of Adam Sandler too. This obviously has to do with the value of actors he writes coupled up with his actor-directing talent.

Analyzing Anderson's Films

The deeper analysis of Boogie Nights portrays several amazing features. This includes empathetic brainpower, burning high-spirited confidence, and flawless cinematic techniques. The fact that all these features are attributes of the works of Anderson's character as a college dropout, gives the movie all the splendor and glamor of art. There Will Be Blood tops all of his accomplishments so far. It is probably America's topmost cinematic triumph of the past over ten years. It gives Daniel Day Lewin a chance and later makes his best performance, the Daniel Plainview. In the play, Plainview is embodied as a cruel scenery grinding monster. Apart from Joaquin Phoenix's astonishing change as the shattered Freddie Quell, the movie's most outstanding victory is the thematic opposition to the Church of Scientology (Allen et al 872). The boldness of tackling such a huge and influential union is worth admiration.

Inspiration from Life Experiences

Also, Anderson is known to deliver ideas from his day to day encounters with life. Magnolia is one of his most incredible film that quickly brings out the auteur characteristic owned by Anderson. It was written soon after the demise of Anderson's father. Magnolia is a film that may be exceptionally lengthy, heavy-hearted and a nostalgic masterpiece that replicates the widespread ideas of chance and restoration (Anderson 225). It is highly sentimental and emotional which can be related to his state of mind following the death of his beloved father. Most of Anderson's fans refer his works to be sincere. The most memorable feature of Magnolia is its biblical imagery showing the splitting of the sky and frog raining. This is a mark of his most inexplicable and honest moment of his life.

Punch Drunk Love: Anderson's Evolution

In his most recent film, Punch Drunk Love, Anderson manages to make an evolution of his three epic movies while partaking comparable thematic matters. The film attempts to narrate its story by use of its separate vocabulary. He fruitfully integrates costumes, sound, production design, cinematography and location providing a smooth independent experience realized through his protagonist, Adam Sandler's eyes and sentiments (Anderson 87). Punch Drunk Love depicts Anderson's most compound movie inciting its viewers to reflect on picks of color, fight through the unusual sound scheme and to derive sense in bits and pieces that may firstly appear immaterial. The combination of this artistic techniques envisions the feeling of confusion that can correctly be labeled as Punch Drunk.


In conclusion, being an auteur creates several shortcomings to other people. It lowers the number of people who got an opportunity to work on a film, thus lowering job opportunities. However, this cannot overshadow the fact that Anderson is not only one of the most thrilling talents in the world but also a bundle of creativity. He managed to be graded twenty-first on The Guardian's list of the forty greatest existing film creators. His ability to handpick skilled actors and allocation of role plays in the film production is also noteworthy.

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