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The American Society for Quality (2017)

The American Society for Quality (2017) define the management method known as TQM (Total Quality Management) as a well known system for emphasizing staff dedication to the creation and maintenance of high quality goods and services. Usually, when a new management strategy is introduced, it is met with enthusiasm before eventually dies out. Similar to TQM, it first seems to be a long-term tactic with a slim chance of dissipating. In the past, there was a belief that this approach would continue to be supported because of the government's and enterprises' endorsement of it in both education and business. The problem, though, is that just like earlier teamwork fads have,TQM has the potential to fade away and possibly reappear through promotions by people without knowledge and information concerning cooperation and consultants aiming at making money (Taggart, 2014).

The typical explosion of TQM and other management strategies followed by fading

The typical explosion of TQM and other management strategies followed by fading is explained by the fact that tactics do not usually work magic as expected, the solutions are typically complex particularly for small-scale companies and also the inability of the approach to assure continuous improvement in performance and profits over an extended period. Furthermore, these strategies require a cultural change, a process that is usually complicated, costly and time-consuming. TQM like any other management method holds these shortfalls, coupled with the diverse characteristics of organizations, and the outcomes tend to differ from one to another. Evidence to this is shown by the shift from TQM to Business Process Reengineering in 1992, then to Six Sigma which is already reducing in the contemporary business world (Collins, 2015).

No perfect answer to the challenge of teamwork and quality

Since there is no perfect answer to the challenge of teamwork and quality, TQM just like other approaches doesn't possess all the solutions to an ailing organization. For these reasons, its principles and methods will fade away rather than persist in the delivery of long term services.


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