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Stewart Corporation's Environmental Management Scorecard

Stewart Corporation is planning to create an environmental management scorecard in preparation for their March 11 meeting, which Sara, the chief purchasing officer, was planning for. Sara considered creating an agenda for the conference, citing the massive consumer products they work with. The social responsibility stemmed from a need to set a good precedent in the industry. Exhibits 1 and 2 showed measures to enhance environmental protection. Exhibit 1 aimed to minimize emissions from their company's primary sources, while Exhibit 2 aimed to reduce pollution from other industries associated with their work. These minimize the amount of pollution released into the atmosphere (Sharma & Muthoo, 2010). In the meeting, Sara hoped to address four issues, namely, initiative and community support, appropriateness of the draft list of the environmental measures, and the incorporation of the environmental scorecard into BPA.

Development of an Environmentally Friendly Production Unit

Issues above are for the development of an environmentally friendly production unit. As a social responsibility, the organization thought of a good way of working on a good idea to reduce pollution and sustain the environment. First, is reducing the wastes from the company as a leading guide other companies. This assures consumers of having a clean environment (Tyller & Spoolman 2012). Additionally, the strategies for implementing the changes as prepared by Sara covered these issues comprehensively and drew appropriate plans to test their viability. Sara can expect to apply standard environmental measures if the committee to discuss the plan approves her strategies. She will have the best approach to the environmental sustainability. Finally, these were the right actions, which discussing should come up with the solutions. However, including the supplier's representatives can be of more benefit to the company as they steer forward with the plans to reduce the environmental pollution. In conclusion, Sara has a good plan for the environment and can take the right steps to create a scorecard.


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Sharma, S., & Muthoo, A. (2010). Green chemistry for environmental sustainability. Berlin, Germany. CRC Press.

December 08, 2022

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