About The lost Neanderthals

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The Story of 60,000 Years Ago

The documentary tells the story of what happened 60,000 years ago. The first modern humans had migrated from Africa to Europe. Because of the ice age, Europe was inhospitable at the time. There was the Netherlands waiting for them as they arrived, which had been there for thousands of years. The narrator maintains that the people of the Netherlands have their own way of life. They had their own vocabulary, history, intellect, political structure, and a variety of other socio-political ideals. It is speculated that when the first human encountered the Netherlands, they coexisted in a way which they fought each other rover supremacy and on the other hand they intermarried and rebred leaving a little signature of the gene of Netherlands behind everyone outside Africa today. Nova documentary explores the implication so of these. The mysterious part of this adventure is the explanation on whether Neanderthals had better behavior and capabilities as well as anatomy. Nova explores the intriguing evidence of Neanderthals self-expression in language, all these points back to the fact that modern human beings may have seriously underestimated our mysterious long-vanished human cousins.

The Survival of the Neanderthals

The narrator describes Neanderthals like people who were able to survive harsh conditions. They were hunter and gatherers which a highly dangerous practice of survival. They lacked intelligence and knowledge on how to invent things compared to modern human beings. It is speculated that the presence of modern man in Neanderthal territory contributed to their extinction. The brain of the modern man outclassed their brain. This was proved by the archaeologist who unearthed their skulls .they skulls looked primitive compared to that of modern man. It was easier for the Neanderthals to lose their intelligence because of the invasion .thy had no personality, stupidity looking and was brooding.

The Legacy of the Neanderthals

In spite of these negative values, the archaeologists have found out evidence of their art which show that they had some mastered skill in some parts of complex thermal l process evidence. The narrator concludes saying that the Neanderthal legacy still lives amongst us.it is potentially saving lives even today. But still the evidence is unfolding, this will demonstrate the mysterious debt we owe the long-vanished human family

November 03, 2022

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