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Abraham Lincoln accomplished a great deal during his lifetime. Abraham Lincoln's dissertation is more abstract in nature. His work has provided him with a wealth of knowledge, especially during the foreign war (Abraham 1824). The fighting pitted Americans against Americans. Any nation requires peace in order to progress. Peace is one of the most crucial things that a country would need in order to collaborate with other countries. The war in the United States had an effect on the whole world, both at home and in foreign affairs. “ If we are so unfortunate to be involved in a war with her at this time, the last hope of restoring the Union will vanish., and we shall be overwhelmed by the single and double calamities of civil and foreign war at the same time. Which exhaust our resources and may practically change the form of weak government and compel us into an end to submit and dishonor peace” ( Abraham 21). The solutions must involve respect to the society and the people in it. Territorial integrity must be respected at all costs. With the study of this topic, there is a general promise of faster achievement of peace in different communities according to Clinton and his governance. The principal aim of this work is to show how Abraham Lincoln expressed critical thinking skills in his different works.


Abraham Lincolns work indicates that civil society has many roles to play which are very different to the government. Social cohesion is among the primary duties of the civil society. Abraham Lincoln made decisions on foreign affairs to maintain peace. Protection of human rights is a role played by civil society especially when it comes to children the civil society has the character fighting on their behalf to defend them. The actions were to monitor peace building in the society and the nation as a whole .According to Lincoln “The government has many roles to play in the society” (Abraham 26). These roles are well listed in United States constitution. The primary role of the government during his time is to make a perfect union and promote the general welfare of the society. The government is expected to fix rules to be followed and follow them to the letter. The government is expected to have a particular system of controlling a state and form a perfect union. Abraham made sure that all has the duty of establishing justice and secures blessings of liberty. Justice was to be attained through fair distribution of resources and offering aids to the less fortunate in the society.

In the year 1864, there was a compromise between the fight in the north and south. The Trent affair had so much confusion during that period. The result of the conflict was due to the extension of slavery into their territories (Abraham, 298). There was no federal authority to regulate slavery. The politicians who were very professional took the initiative of meditating on the conflict. “There was congressional power over the act of slavery, and this included the setting of some conditions which would later create a territorial state”. The Lincoln government went ahead to mobilize the anti-slavery groups, and this went ahead to stopping slavery in the territory got from of many societies.

The role of religion in civil war society was to bring people together for unity. Lincoln had no specific religion and rarely talked about it. It was also to enhance the growth of the religious rights in the public square and at the same time led to the growth of non-European ethnic, religious communities (Abraham 21). According to Abraham Lincoln religion made the people of America be loyal to the faith and the political bodies as well. The religion was so much attached to the matters of the political affairs and joined many diverse groups together.

Lincoln Work in governing pointed at all areas. The lower the rates of violence lead to less the addiction among the society members. According to him, poverty is always triggered by the action that is in progress in any given society. People in London face so much drug gangs who gather together to terrorize. Sometimes poverty gives birth to very many evils in the society. Whenever the level of crimes goes down the jail are always occupied by many people who have made criminal mistakes. In the United States, many offenses have led to the establishment of private prisons (Abraham, 202). There was came also much import and export of offenders from one jail to another. The acts of criminals deter the growth and development of a nation. This was a measure of leadership and productivity gauge the progress of a nation.

In conclusion, the poor are always the majority but face the toughest trials when facing the law. The reason for this is because of their financial status. Abraham Lincoln showed so much sensitivity on the way he critically analyzed things and issues his governance was facing with ease compared to other works by other leaders. According to The Penguin magazine these problems are put on the measure and show how much Lincoln worked to see himself and those surrounding him succeed (1829). His work was among the best, especially after the civil war.

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July 24, 2021

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