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Puberty and Its Effects

Puberty is a stage in which a child's physical and sexual features begin to mature as a result of hormonal changes. For example, I went through puberty as a child and experienced similar changes, but none of them prepared me for this shift. There was a wide spectrum of hormonal, physical, and emotional changes throughout this time. There was, for example, hormone production by the endocrine glands. These hormones influence the development of secondary sex characteristics as well as physical changes. In girls, for example, the ovaries begin to generate estrogen and other female hormones more often, whereas the testicles increase the rate of testosterone production. In cognitive development, the adolescents' knowledge and ability to think conceptually as well as reasoning more efficiently increase. I could realize emotional and body changes every day, my body parts developed. Slowly, I started feeling the desire of being independent and withdrew from my family in which I spent most of the time in my bedroom alone. Additionally, I felt closer to my friends than family, and I could argue a lot with my parents over petty issues.

Stereotypical Behaviors of Adolescents

Q2. There are various stereotypical behaviors of an adolescent, and they include changing their appearance, withdrawing from family life, increased arguments, and emotional ups and downs. As a result of these, young teens may say in a bad mood, "it seems I was adopted by this family because everybody is annoying!" This relates to my personal story because at some point during my puberty, my parents could yell at me, and I felt of going far away from them. For instance, during adolescence, I spent most of my time with my friends as compared to the time I spent with family. My parents could yell at me every time I came home late saying I had developed bad habits that I was learning from friends. As a result of similar teen experience, most of them tend to build some anger towards their parents because they cannot withstand their unreceptive parents who seem to control their lives.


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