Assisted Living as a Solution for Homecare

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The lines between assisted living and personal care are very distinct. For instance, senior citizens who reside in homes with minimal assistance are said to be in assisted living. While residing in private residences, seniors who require assisted living may receive care on an individual basis. On the other hand, homecare refers to a scenario in which elderly people or other people in need of assistance are confined to a specific place and receive round-the-clock care (Morgan, 2012, p. 12). Currently home care institutions are decreasing since they are replaced by assisted homes across the country. This change is mainly caused by the fact that the seniors want to have a reduced dependency. They only request for help when they cannot be independent or cannot carry out their routine duties. (Speller & Stolee, 2014).

There are more than 36000 assisted homes in the United States with almost one million assisted seniors. These statistics are projected to grow since these numbers continue to grow every year ("Assisted Living"). Assisted living is mainly demanded by people with a physical ailment and those who consider homecare as an expensive method of getting assistance. The federal and the state governments are also coming together to change the laws regarding assisted living. Forty-one states have already introduced and implemented Medicaid for assisted living whereby seniors receive medical coverage in their residential places (Fields, & Dabelko-Schoeny, 2012).

Statement of the Problem

Senior people face different problems as they get older in their homes since the available resources are longer capable of supporting their needs. Healthcare needs for the elderly are high since their health conditions are affected by different physical and health conditions. The transition from home care to assisted living is expensive and can be stressful to the seniors (Strohl, Bednar & Longley, 2012, p. 241-254). In some cases, this change can cause adverse health changes such as physical, identity and pattern behaviors. There are cases whereby movements of a partner to a home care institution have caused worse effects to their partners. The above with the observed challenges experienced with nursing homes have made the need for assisted care in homes necessary. Most importantly, the nursing homes are expensive to run and maintain. The facility requires twice the amount spent in assisted homes (Davies, 2015).

Despite the reduced expense in AL, the seniors still struggle to get assistance from them considering most of them earn either low or moderate incomes (Bednar, 2017). Even though AL is not a walk in the park program, it has shown greater results than the nursing home. They experience various challenges such as high rate of employee turnover as a result of the economic recession. This necessitates the need to carry a study on whether the assisted living is a solution for homecare; in this way, there can be a cost effective method that still facilitates better living for the elderly in the society.

Proposed Solution

It is indisputable that as the population ages, there is an increasing demand for long-term care, in fact, there is a high expectation that people will demand these services(Bauer & Nay, 2015). Assisted living is considered as the best supply for this demand. It is clear that there is a growing need for a reduced dependence and an increase in privacy demand by the aged population. An assisted living assures them quality services (Davies, 2015). One of the most common features that have encouraged many people to prefer the assisted living is the amount of care given to the seniors by the service providers. The caregivers ensure that it is their primary objective to reduce any chances of injury and other perspectives of danger and instead promote adherence to personal safety. The seniors in the society at the hands of the caregivers often experiences fear of being harmed and thus it is essential that they are constantly reassured of their safety. This way they trust them and feel safe being provided the services they need much. Besides, safety has both subjective and objective dimensions. That is, besides controlling the hazardous conditions that possess a physical and psychological danger, it preserves the well-being of people in different ways (Speller & Stolee, 2014).

Researches have been carried out in an attempt to bring to light the various aspects of the assisted living. Mulry (2012) argues that assisted living solution is one of the fastest growing options that the aged are considering during their senior age as a housing option. Mulry defines it as a housing option that combines healthcare and supportive roles. The program according to him is associated with benefits such as recreation services and argues that AL offers the elderly with diverse services such as laundry, housekeeping while they are still in their own homes. He continues by arguing that the seniors experience several changes in their lives. He states that these changes are expected since they are sensitized on their locations. Over time, conditions changes with new additions in terms of the obligations, occupations, and routines. Majority of the seniors request such services while they are still in their homes (Mulry, 2012, 329).

Harvard Publishing (2015) concurs with Muller’s argument by arguing that moving from ones home to an assisted home is coupled with various challenges that can affect them negatively. Most of these people are emotionally affected whereas others are affected by logistics surrounding the whole moving process. However, Harvard Publishing states that an assisted homes program is the best option that people should consider despite its challenges. If people cannot afford, they advise them to invite other senior people in the same place. In most cases, these services are necessary to people who lose their spouse (Publishing, 2015, 7).


In order to come up with an all-encompassing study of assisted living, here are some questions that will be addressed:

What is assisted living?

What is homecare?

What is the correlation between homecare and assisted?

Why choose assisted living?

Why choose homecare?

What is the approximate cost of assisted living?

What is the financial difference between assisted living and homecare?

What are the legal issues surrounding the two?


The best method that can be used to obtain more information regarding this topic is the use of interviews. A better understanding is achieved if the primary data is used since it gives more insights on the actual situation on the ground. An assisted living home with at least fifty persons where several senior people are confined will be chosen for this research. This will serve as a sample population to study. Apart from the interviews, secondary research will also be important in this course as it will served in giving an overview of what has been studied in the past regarding the same. Most of the articles reviewed for this case is scholarly and were obtained from journal websites such as PUBMED and EBSCOHOST; others are published articles on organizations’ sites as shown below:

Preliminary Biography

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Writing formal outline for the research

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Carrying out primary research

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Compiling results from the research

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Reviewing secondary sources

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Progress report

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Rough draft

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Final draft

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As a professional with major in long term care, I will be dealing with the elderly people who have diverse needs. Since the topical issue is concerned with my professional field and future career, I am motivated to undertake this research. The skills and knowledge acquired in theory while in class and my own research provides me with the ability to carry out this research. The whole process to me is a learning experience.


In conclusion, it is crucial to note that assisted living is taking over as the best nursing option. The AL helps in creating a new environment whereby the seniors are considering it since they are aware that if they depend on other people, their health might deteriorate further. However, if they exercise their routine duties more often, they become less dependent and as a result, keep their privacy for a longer period before they are unable to support themselves. Research findings have depicted assisted living as a safe haven for seniors in the society and have become the primary focus. This change is mainly caused by the fact that the seniors continue to express their need for reduced dependency. They only request for help when they cannot be independent or cannot carry out their routine duties. Furthermore, are more economical home care options that the homecare options.

June 19, 2023

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