Advertisement and ethical dimension to children

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The Impact of Advertising on Children

The development of various modes of communication has resulted in a substantial rise in the number of commercials. Per year, an infant in the United States sees about 16,000 television commercials. As a result, the negative impact of advertising on children has sparked interest. While advertising to children should be allowed, the essence and substance of the advertisements should be carefully scrutinized before being fed to the children.

Informing Parents about Products

For starters, commercials are critical in informing parents of the kinds of products that their children are using. Parents' knowledge is critical in assisting them in determining whether the items are necessary or non-essential. In return, this knowledge helps the parents make decisions on whether to purchase the products.

Keeping Children Updated

Advertisements are critical in helping children know about the recent products in the market. New products are released on a daily basis. Therefore, it is crucial for the children to keep themselves updated, which can be done easily through advertisements. Additionally, it makes it easy for them to compare and contrast between products before they settle on what they prefer.

Monitoring Product Quality and Safety

The presence of advertisements will enable agencies watching over the welfare of children to easily monitor the type of product being released to the young mass. This move is necessary since it makes it easy to track and remove any product that the agencies find unfit for the young generation's growth.

The Need for Responsible Advertising

In conclusion, the number of advertisements has increased significantly with the emergence of new products every day. However, the high number of ads has raised curiosity about the impact they have on children. Based on research, if ads are handled well, they have a positive impact on both the children and their parents. Even though advertisements for children should be allowed, their content and nature should be thoroughly checked to minimize or avoid any negative impact.

January 05, 2023

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