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Hiring the best applicant in an organization is the most difficult challenge for recruiters because finding the best talent in a pool of potential candidates requires time, money, and the right equipment. Efficient recruiting, according to Compton, Morrissey, Nankervis, and Morrissey (2009, p. 15), locates and invites prospective candidates to apply for current and expected job opportunities. Recruitment and advertisement checklists that are well-structured draw the right candidates, in the right moment, in the right place, and at the right price. This study shall provide a checklist of all the fundamental principles that potential organizations should consider while developing an effective recruitment and advertisement process.

Recruitment Checklist

Before beginning actual recruitment, the firm establishes the purpose of the job and the way it fits with the rest of the team. The organization considers other ways of filling the job, for instance, redeployment, promotion, or transfers. This particular recruitment checklist tool outlines elements followed while acquiring the best talent for the organization.

The Job Description

Mader-Clark (2013) asserts that a well-defined job description is a blueprint for success and aids in hiring, measuring, and managing employee performance. It attracts the right persons reducing the time taken to select the right candidate.

Mode of Advertising

Advertising reaches out to potential candidates through the print media and the Internet. The HR coordinator ensures the methods utilized attract the right candidates regardless of the costs incurred.

Recruiter, Hiring Manager, and other Managers

The hiring manager ascertains the job descriptions and the relevant skills. Screening criteria, salary scales, recruiting strategy, and forms of pre-appointment testing, if required are prepared. The hiring manager sources and reviews referral candidates, reviews their resumes, and forwards them to the recruiter.

HR Coordinator or Recruiter

The HR coordinator or recruiter receives, stores, and screens the resumes and academic documents of high potential candidates and emails the interview questions, or sets on-site or telephone interviews with the qualified candidates.

The Selection Panel

The team conducts the interview and communicates their feedback to the hiring manager and recruiters only. The candidate should be in a position to comprehend the company’s purpose (vision, mission, and goals) (Pritchard, 2007).

The Hiring Manager

The selection team forwards the list of candidates to the hiring manager who based on feedbacks and test results, determines the right candidate for the job or declines to hire. The manager subsequently notifies the recruiter about the decision.


In case of a hire, the recruiter notifies the candidate about the decision. However, if there is no hire, the recruiter sends out “non-selection” letters to the respective candidates.

Advertising Checklist

To attract the right candidates, the firm should use the conventional advertisement channels such as the organization’s website, the internet, print media, and professional association websites. The following checklist can be utilized for a job advertisement.

Activity Description

Advert reference The firm should indicate the job/advert reference to aid in the analyzing results from different adverts for the same advertised position.

Job Title The firm should have a job title for job as well as the base location

Comprehensive description of the organization The advertisement should succinctly provide an overview of the organization, its activities, divisions, and the market position (Martyn & Beylefeld, 2012).

The nature of the job The advertisement should describe the job in terms of scale, size, and the responsibilities.

Role and purpose of the job This should be detailed and expressed in second person.

Description of the qualities of an ideal candidate A candidate possesses these skills besides academic and professional qualifications.

Educational qualifications The job should describe the academic and professional background of the desired candidate.

Package guide The details may include pension or car

Mode of response The communication channel that candidates will use when applying for the job

Contacts The company should indicate the necessary contact details, for instance, the postal address, web address, email, and fax.

Other statements The firm should indicate the corporate brand and the equal opportunities statements (Martyn & Beylefeld, 2012).


Active recruitment and advertisement processes pull the right candidates from a pool of highly qualified professionals. Attracting the top talent, albeit calls for adherence to probable procedures and guidelines. The study explored various steps that any organization can follow to recruit potential candidates as well as positive advertisement steps that can be used to ensure the right people apply for the job. The outcome of the study indicates that effective planning is the recipe to a successful recruitment process.


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