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After graduation, I intend to work in the agricultural industry. Business is a major field that contributes greatly to the economy. The industry contributed $56 billion to the Australian economy in 2015 and 2016, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2017). The industry is also advantageous in terms of providing employment for a large number of people in both white and blue-collar jobs, as well as ensuring the nation's food security in order to deter starvation among Australians. Finally, the sector produces foreign exchange for the nation by selling surplus food goods. The industry contributes to society in three ways. First, it is responsible for guaranteeing food security in Australia by developing, implementing, and sustaining policies and programs that ensure proper management of agricultural, food, fisheries, and forestry in Australia. Second, it gives employment to many Australians. Third, the industry is responsible for the management of water resources to safeguard their sustainability. Through a diversity policy targeting its workforce, the industry employs indigenous individuals, such as the Aboriginals. The policy is guided by the realization that Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals hold unique knowledge and skills that only people from these groups can bring (Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2017).

The critical association that oversees the body is the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. The agency is responsible for the development and implementation of agricultural and water resources policies as well as supporting the sustainable and productive management and exploitation of rivers and other water bodies in the country (Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2017). The broader public has significant respect and trust in the organization mainly because of its importance and reputation. The association ensures the availability of foodstuff within the country and protects essential regions, primarily, water bodies to make sure they benefit future generations.

The agricultural industry in Australia employs a large percentage of the nation’s workforce. In 2016, the sector employed about 314,000 people (Parliament of Australia 2016). Majority of the people have specified roles that guarantee them stable employment. For example, the industry has inspectors, veterinary doctors, farm managers, farmers, and fishers. However, it also has casual laborers who work mainly in farms providing labor for short periods, such as during the harvesting of crops from the plantations. The statistics given by the Australian Parliament concern mostly the people who are fully employed in the industry.

The agricultural industry had grown substantially over the years. Much of the change has involved the increased use of technology in the industry. For example, farmers are making more use of technology to help in their operations. In dairy farms, people are making use of technology to give feeds, milk cows, and track the progress of animals on the farms. Crop farmers are also employing new technologies, particularly greenhouses to boost production and mitigate the effects of climate change on their food production. As a result of the various developments in the industry, the level of output in the agriculture industry has grown substantially. Some problems are also facing the industry, especially climate change. Rising temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns have made it increasingly difficult for farmers to produce foods.

Professional Skills

The area that I aspire towards in this industry is an agricultural and forestry scientist. The professionals are concerned with the study, research, and assessment of plants, cultivation, and farming techniques to enhance agricultural and forest areas. On-the-job training or relevant job experience are sometimes required as a way to guarantee a person’s competency standards. Although it is not a strict requirement, people who join the career can get accreditation from professional associations that control the profession. They can get the accreditation from several professional associations that regulate the field within Australia. The two most important organizations are the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists, and Managers Australia (APESMA) and the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology. Professionals in the industry have to get a Bachelor Degree or a higher accreditation (Australian Government n.d). The scientists spend time working outdoors and completing research and fieldwork and working in laboratories that makes it critical to have a sound educational background.

Specialists in the field mention that a keen sense of detail, research ability, and data analysis skills are crucial to succeed in the area. They also indicate that being resourceful, possessing leadership characteristics, and growing one’s teamwork skills will help a person succeed in the field. According to Jordan (2013), agriculture and forestry scientists play an essential role in developing and managing a country's agricultural land and forests by gathering and assessing data and samples of soils, vegetation, and produce to identify various issues concerning them (p.196). They also study the environment, effects of cultivation methods, and develop procedures and techniques that aim to solve agricultural challenges. As a result, a person who wants to join the career must have abilities to collect and analyze data to aid in realizing the more efficient use of agricultural and forestry resources. Without these competencies, individuals may experience significant challenges in the profession.

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