Al Sirroco management and Leadership

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Al Sirroco's Autocratic Leadership Style

Al Sirroco is a leader with a distinct leadership style, as evidenced by the way he handles the systems analyst's case. This style is known as autocratic since he disregards the opinions of other employees and makes choices solely for the benefit of the firm. He conceals the reality about the analyst's departure from the company by telling them that it is due to medical reasons. However, it is later discovered that Al committed a sexual felony by unzipping his pants and exposing himself to a female colleague (DuBrin 132). This type of leadership style is not right since it erodes the trust of the employees once the truth comes out and damages the image of the organization. His handling of the analyst's case contradicts the values of the organization and encourages lies meant to cover up some crimes committed by employees. Al wants things done in his own way and although many of the things he does, benefits the staff and the company, his way of leadership amounts to dictatorship.

Al does not give others a chance to contribute their views and ideas but plans everything including trips (DuBrin 132). If I were the supervisor, I would follow up the case between the analysts and the female employee and inform the rest of the staff about the incidence. Being honest is a virtue and telling a lie to protect the image of one employee is very wrong. I would not protect the analyst by lying to the other employees about the reason of his dismissal since this is compromising the company's values. I would have told the rest that the analyst has been dismissed for sexual harassment of a worker, which is a serious crime in the organization. Secondly, I would have a committee to discuss the issue and decide the best punishment for workers who engage in crimes including sexual harassment.

Preferable Leadership Style: Participative or Democratic

The leadership style I prefer is participative or democratic in which the leader values the input of the peers and team members. However, the participative leader is responsible for making the final decision. The style improves the morale of the employees since they feel appreciated by being given a chance to contribute in decision-making processes (Louise 35). They appreciate when their opinions are considered and implemented to promote the growth of the venture. In case a company needs to make some changes, involving the worker it is important since this will help them to accept the changes and support their implementation. However, when the company needs to make a quick decision, the style may meet challenges due to time limitation.

I would not like to be like Al who seems to make all decisions alone without consulting the other employees or managers. This does not support creative employees since they require to be given a chance to express their opinion and give ideas during decision-making processes. Autocratic leadership practiced by Al does not give the workers room to decide anything that affects the company since he dominates and plans everything. The system is not flexible and hinders innovation and skill development. The advantage of this style is that it favors employees who require close supervision and cannot be productive if left alone (Louise 36). It can also help in cases when quick decisions have to be made and when the leader wants to protect the image of the company in case it faces some issues that can damage its name.

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June 12, 2023

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