American Red Cross Corporate’s Mission & Values Statement

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The American Red Cross is the agency under consideration (ARC). This organization is a Humanitarian Association whose main purpose is to provide disaster aid, emergency relief and educational programs in the United States. The US National Red Cross is also recognized. In addition, it is a Red Cross and Red Crescent Associations International Organization member (The American Red Cross, 2017).
Declaration of mission and meaning
The ARC's mission statement is to 'prevent and reduce human suffering in an emergency through mobilization of volunteer power and donor kindness' (The American Red Cross, 2017). In line with its mission, the organization has a broad value statement which can be narrowed down to utilizing its strong network of volunteers, partners, and donors to provide universal services to the American people. The focus is attached to helping individuals under distress.

What the Company Says of itself

Based on its self-analysis, ARC views itself as being on the right path with regards to meeting its objectives. Since the objectives are set out from the institution’s mission and value statements, the company implies that its actions work towards upholding its mission statement. Also, based on the activities of its workforce, the corporate’s values are supported.

What others say about the company (employees, activists, media)

Based on the humanitarian services it offers to the entire American population. There is sufficient evidence that the organization is functioning appropriately. Some victims of disaster recommend the organization for all the services it offers. Most of the people who have been facing disasters, whether due to accidents and natural hazards, they all appreciate the efforts, commitment, and support that the organization is giving. Currently, given the catastrophe of Hurricane Harvey, the organization has been in the forefront helping the victims by providing food and medical aid as well as conducting rescue missions. From the employee's point of view, the organization is true to its mission and value statements. This can be attributed to the various activities and projects the employees are tasked to undertake.

However, from the media point of view, the organization is not entirely efficient regarding its commitment to its objectives of helping people in all circumstances irrespective of the location as long as it is within its jurisdiction. Similarly, some donors have found the organization inappropriately allocates funds to the wrong projects. The major critics of the American Red Cross are the activists. They claim to have sufficient evidence which shows that the organization was mismanaging finances. These activists argue that the organization spends charity funds and donations into catering for its internal expenses rather than helping the affected individuals (The Independent, 2017). In collaboration with the media, the activities of the institution are in doubt thus creating an image that the organization’s activities are in contrary to its mission statement.

Congruence of its Mission and Actions

With its current activities, the support from stakeholders and recognition from the victims of various disasters, it is true to say that the organization is striving to work within its mission. However, sufficient evidence shows that there exists a wide gap between its actions and the mission and value statements that holds out to the public. Despite the internal challenges that the organization is having, the guiding principle for its operations should be acting within its mission and value statements which currently is not congruent to its actions.


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October 20, 2021


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