“American Social Welfare Policy: A Pluralist Approach”

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This project will concentrate on measures to stop juvenile criminals from recidivating so they do not wind up in adult jails. The South Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) will host the research to examine the strategies put in place to reduce recidivism and their efficacy. This will assist in identifying the causes of juvenile recidivism and developing programs that are appropriate for addressing the issue (Kalist, & Spurr, 2015). The study will concentrate on kids aged 11 to 16 who are held in Georgia's regional youth detention facilities. It will also investigate what role the court system in Georgia plays in the issue of juvenile recidivism.

The revised problem statement is how the South Georgia Department of Justice prevents juvenile recidivism and what role the court system plays in precluding or dealing with juvenile recidivism. The results of this study will bridge the gap by providing the factors that lead to juvenile recidivism, those which the juvenile rehabilitation programs deals with. It will also highlight how the court system can play a role in preventing juvenile recidivism.

The Use of Literature Review

I have searched for the literature on juvenile recidivism and the courts contribute to this problem. From the literature, I have discovered that most researches are focused on the reasons behind juvenile incarceration and recidivism. The key factors include socioeconomic ones, family education status, and the support system (Beaudry-Cyr et al., 2017). My literature review is concentrated on a particular justice system (South Georgia). This will serve the purpose of showing how recidivism prevention programs work; in what way the court system has influenced the fight against juvenile incarceration and recidivism, and the issues that form the research question.

Dissertation Research in Public Policy Administration

The main reason why this study is placed within a particular juvenile justice system (South Georgia) is to find out how much the federal and state governments have come up with policies to deal with juvenile recidivism. From the case study of the South Georgia JJJ, there will be a recommendation of the implementation policy that will not only benefit South Georgia but can also be used in other juvenile rehabilitation programs.


Beaudry-Cyr, M., Jennings, W. G., Zgoba, K. M., & Tewksbury, R. (2017). Examining the continuity of juvenile sex offending into adulthood and subsequent patterns of sex and general recidivism. International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology, 61(3), 251-268.

Kalist, D. E., Lee, D. Y., & Spurr, S. J. (2015). Predicting recidivism of juvenile offenders. B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, 15(1), 329-351.

March 15, 2023

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