An Overview of Fashion Nova

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Fashion Nova is humbled to announce the showcasing of our designs at the New York Fashion Week on for women’s wear on the 16th of February, 2018 (NY Fashion Week 2018 Dates, 2018). The event is our first fashion event and we look forward to interacting with our clients. We will have a room where we will showcase our current designs from 8th to 16th February. In addition to this, we will have a lingerie section since we are approaching Valentine’s Day; during the eight-day period, all the lingerie will be 30% off (Shop Valentine's Day, 2018). Our brand is well-known for making clothes that fit the different body types of women worldwide.

Media Outlet

The brand ambassador for the company from 1st January 2018 to 1st

January 2019 is Gigi Hadid in association with E-news. Gigi Hadid is a talented, popular model with vast experience in the fashion industry as she has successfully collaborated with top designers such as Tom Hilfiger. Her energy coupled with her large social media following is an effective way of marketing our brand. Also, she has elements of both high-fashion and street style, which define the key aspects of the brand. The association with E-news is of utmost importance since it is the number one TV station for every fashion lover. The station also has a large social media following since the best-dressed in every fashion event, as well as the street style of the day, is featured on its Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as the Twitter handle.


Clients can purchase outfits from the runway one week after the event i.e., from 23rd

February 2018. The most efficient method of booking items is through Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and e-mail address. Every item has a code name and the client should state their size. We chose these avenues since they can be accessed using smartphones.


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August 01, 2023
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