An Overview of Global Supply Chain Management

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Global Supply Chain Management

Global supply chain management, also referred to as value chain, is crucial for any organization. The value chain is composed of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and wholesalers. Also, it entails facilitation of systems which enhance the successful operation of a business. The global supply chain management is beneficial because it creates an understanding of the control, design, and maintenance of supply chains in an institution (Stadtler, 2015). Thus, this essay addresses logistics, WMS, and globalization as used in global supply chain management.


Logistics refers to the operations that occur within an organization. Logistics entails getting the right products to the customers, at the right time, with the right cost and in excellent condition. In global supply chain management, logistics involves planning and management of goods from the point of origin to consumption point. Logistics is crucial for a company because it coordinates and monitors resources required in moving products reliably and cost-effectively (Christopher, 2016). With the changes in customer demands regarding delivery, organizations have to improve their logistics, to ensure that products are delivered to the customers in time.


Globalization refers to the incorporation of the operations of an organization, strategies, and processes into diverse products, services, cultures, and ideas. Globalization has an impact on how an organization operates and manages its employees. Globalization in supply chain management has created more economic opportunities, brought more clients and introduced new markets. Thus, this creates opportunities for companies to collaborate with the new demands or reduce costs to ensure that they acquire a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) refers to software that enables a company to control and manage warehouse operations from the time products are received to the time they are moved out. These operations include picking process, inventory management, and auditing. WMS is useful in the global supply chain because it provides visibility into a companies' inventory at all time. It also manages supply chain operations, thus enhancing prominence and accountability (Ivanov et al. 2016). Therefore, Implementing WMS improves accuracy and customer service. Some institutions have management systems with real-time-data, which enhances the management of current orders or shipments.


In essence, the global supply chain management is essential for any organization, especially with the increase in globalization, and should be implemented to ensure that there is a smooth operation of an organization.


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October 30, 2023


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