An Overview of Homeostasis in the Body

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The integumentary system is a system that acts as a blockade and protects the body against any substances from the external environment. Also, it performs other functions like retaining body fluids, protects the body against pathogens, regulates temperatures of the body, and eliminates waste products (Anderson, 2013). Osteoporosis is a disease condition which makes the bones of the body to weak and may lead to breakage. This is prone to vertebrae bones in the spine, forearm bones and, bones of the hip. It causes chronic pain and minimizes body ability to carry out normal duties (Cembrowicz & Allain, 2011). Homeostasis is defined as a state in which the body maintain the internal conditions as steady state irrespective of the environmental factors. These conditions include body temperature, the balance of fluid, pH of the extracellular fluid, ion concentration and, level of blood sugar (Meyer, 2009).

Osteoporosis is a condition which may be caused by an ageing factor. This condition is mainly caused by inheritance of the osteoporosis genes, use of drug abuse like cigarette and alcohol, lack of exercise in the body, poor nutrition and body health, lack of calcium, low levels of estrogen in females at menopause, lack of proper absorption of nutrients from the gastrointestinal system, chronic inflation and body immobility, hyperparathyroidism, lack of vitamin D in the body, and long-term use of some medications like heparin.

The integumentary system and skeletal system have structures adapted to maintain the body at a homeostatic condition. These structures have receptors which maintain the body temperature to normal, pH of the fluids, ion concentration, and level of blood sugar. Thermoreceptors maintain body temperature. The use of the insulin and glucagon produced in this structures control the level of blood sugar. This is controlled by the respiratory centre and the renin-angiotensin system.    

The body condition should be always maintained in the homeostatic condition. The bone resorption and formation should also be maintained. In case the homeostasis process is not maintained, the imbalance leads to a disease which basically affects the normal functioning of the body processes. The body deficiency occurs during the blockage of pathways which are beneficial to the body making the cells lack adequate amounts of minerals and vitamins. The body toxicity occurs when the cells are in excess toxic substances leading to their destruction.

Bones and bone cells in the body have vital functions. These functions include: providing mechanical support by having a surface area for the attachment of muscles, ligaments and tendons, synthesizing blood cells which are very vital to the performance of the body, and metabolic activities like storage of fats and minerals, pH and calcium balance, detoxification and endocrine functions. Osteoporosis weakens bones affects body mechanisms.

Jake’s osteoporosis is a disease condition of having weak bones in the body. The bone that models bone tissues to ensure they cover the osteoporosis defect is the osteoblast. The osteoblast differentiates some mesenchymal cell for bone production. The bone cell is affected by the fibroblast growth, epidermal growth, replication of the cell stimulation, and the non-skeletal tissues. The body balance of the bone resorption and bone formation is maintained by the osteoclasts and osteoblast. The osteoporosis can be prevented and cured in the body. This is achieved by doing exercise, eating a balanced diet, and avoiding drugs.

In conclusion, this paper highlights the osteoporosis disease and maintaining homeostasis in the body. This is a serious disease which weakens the bones having a vital role. With weak bones, there will be no mechanical support of the body. Therefore, the osteoporosis should be prevented as highlighted in this paper.


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