An Overview of Mitosis and Meiosis

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The main objectives of performing meiosis and mitosis in the laboratory

The main objectives of performing meiosis and mitosis practically in the laboratory is to study and observe how cell division usually occurs. Both mitosis and meiosis are primary processes which are involved in the division of cells. If this processes are not available in all organism, cell division would not be possible, the formation of the egg and the sperm cell would not be happening in this case. In order to observe this processes, this can only be performed in the laboratory to view various phases of mitosis and meiosis. This work is performed by the use of an onion root cell to observe how the phases of mitosis are appearing in every stage. For the meiosis lily anther with both germ cells of male and female are used.

The importance of DNA in living organisms

All living organism have DNA as their genetic material. DNA consist of various instructions that assist in formation of all proteins for living organisms. It's therefore important to know the overall structure of DNA as well as DNA replication process. It's also essential to learn the DNA structure and how it's involved in the conversion of genetic code in order to comprehend how to practically operate with the DNA in the laboratory. Nowadays DNA is a very interesting field and many researchers are applying DNA technology for various purposes as well as products.

The significance of DNA cloning

One of the key components of DNA is cloning, and this is a process of developing multiple copies of a gene of interest. Through cloning, several products such as vaccines and hormones have been produced. This technology has brought positive effects on pharmaceutical industries, disease therapy, crime scene identification, as well as agriculture.

August 04, 2023

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