Analysis of Computer Crimes

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With the fast advancement in technology, life is becoming easier and more comfortable each day. The internet and computers have made the world a global village. It has been made possible to interact with friends, buy goods and services from across the globe. Even so, all these benefits come with a significant share of negativities associated with the internet (Baiden). This research paper seeks to identify the major computer crimes.


In this type of crime, a hacker, usually a person with superior computer skills gains unauthorized access to other any computer irrespective of the owner or location. It could be individual, organizations or government computers which puts private information at the risk of exposure.


This one occurs when a criminal deliberately for unknown reasons targets a person or a group of people and sends them illegal and threatening messages online. The aim is to make the life of the target miserable.


Email bombing is a technique used by computer criminals to crash a server or an email address. They do so by sending a large number of emails to the target address.


Spam or junk mails are used by computer criminals to install malware on a computer without the knowledge of the user. Just by clicking on web links from the spam mail, you become a victim.


This crime targets the server of a website and sends a large number of requests. When the maximum bandwidth of the website is reached, it goes down and sometimes is unavailable. Genuine users of the website are locked out and denied the services.


This crime involves collecting a person’s identity such as credit card information, bank details among others through phishing activities. The information is either sold or used by the hacker to masquerade as the legitimate owner of the details.


Data diddling involves sending virus programs to target computers. The virus illegally alters the data the user enters into the system rendering it useless.


Given the rise of cyber-attacks, it is important to always keep safe by avoiding unknown sites that may compromise the safety of your computer and privacy of your information (Lee).

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September 04, 2023
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