Analysis of Network Operating System

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The Needs of Clients in Business

The needs of clients in business continually change over time as they need to adapt to the new technological advances that are continuing to change the world of business every other time. Internet subscribers, therefore, need a client operating system that is both convenient as well as adaptable to the environment they are working in. The IT environment incorporating desktops, tablets, phablets as well as servers constitute the basic structures that internet subscribers have to always rely upon (Shin et al. 63). Additionally, there will be an increase of subscribers from the current 250 clients since the business is expected to grow in future. As such, there is a need for scalability in order to allow the accommodation of new subscribers as the business expands. Moreover, the devices used by subscribers need to be connected in a network topology that allows effective communication as well as reliability.

Fulfilling the Needs of Customers

Fulfilling all the needs of the customers requires a client operating system that will be adaptable to the changing IT environment of the business (Blandford et al. 123). Cutting edge innovation provides a competitive advantage to the new digital market which allows the users to have the best experience with the services offered. In a business environment where clients use all modes of devices, generation of new technological ideas develops as subscribers suggest new business models that emerge with continued use of a particular client operating system (Shin et al. 67). Additionally, visualizing new products as well as services requires cutting-edge innovation since any business requires technical feasibility in order to have effective testing of the client operating system with the client.

The Desirability of a Network Operating System

Due to the nature of the devices that will be used as well as the servers, a Network Operating system is most desirable since it will enable effective communication for it allows for a distributed system where a number of computers, as well as hardware devices, are managed effectively (Blandford et al. 126). Additionally, Network Operating System offers local services to remote clients which is the core purpose of the business since the subscribers are internet users operating remotely. Additionally, the nature of the environment requires clients to be able to access the services offered by the operating system on a network which should also incorporate several devices at the same time. NOS is a loosely coupled operating system that is very efficient when it comes to heterogeneous multi-computers which will allow the clients to effectively interact on the internet.

The Architecture of Network Operating System

The architecture offered by Network Operating System follows two levels of Client-server architecture. The architecture offered by the NOS enables the clients to be able to communicate with the server efficiently especially due to the varieties of devices being used by the subscribers (Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne 47). The client operating system, therefore, needs to be able to take the needs of the subscribers and connect them with the servers for analysis of communication. Firstly, the architecture of NOS offers peer to peer as well as client/server modes of communication (Shin et al. 71). Additionally, the form of communication offered by Network Operating system is through the use of files which is a great advantage for internet subscribers. Moreover, cutting-edge innovation coupled with NOS allows the business environment to be scalable when it expands in the future.

The Use of Linux as a Client Operating System

The devices of the internet subscribers that are currently accessing the database are a variety which requires a client operating system that will be able to cater to the requirements of all devices. Additionally, the needs of the business requires that the implementation allows for a collection of software that can manage computer hardware resources as well as providing common services for all the computer programs. Exclusive Linux environment for both the client and the server would suffice as the best platform because the business environment would allow a good combination of desktops, laptops, tablets as well as phablets. Additionally, Linux also allows for cutting-edge innovations since the needs of the business will continue to change with time as technology advances (Shin et al. 76). Linux platform also allows the software that runs it to manage data, users, groups as well as the security of applications and also allows a multiple access to multiple devices in a network (Blandford et al. 129). Linux is a good Network Operating system that is designed to take care of the needs of the clients due to its flexibility.

Manageable Cost and User Experience

The hardware, as well as the software cost, is manageable for Linux, and the user training that will be afforded will not be cumbersome since the clients already have a prior knowledge of the platform. Additionally, since Linux is an open source system, the users will be able to get feedback as a result of their proposals regarding the change of the environment (Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne 54). Moreover, the user experience will benefit the clients because they will have a first-hand experience of aggressive adoption of technology due to cutting-edge innovation that will propel the business to a more market-friendly business. As such, the innovations will allow the clients to experience speed, consistency as well as ease in addition to transparency because they will be allowed to offer suggestions for the betterment of the business.

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September 11, 2023

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