Analysis of the Black Balloon

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The Black Balloon is an Australian dramedy film that explores the struggles of a family with a young autistic boy. Elissa Down wrote the script and directed the film. It follows the story of fifteen-year-old Thomas Mollison, who lives with his parents, his older brother Charlie, and his pregnant sister Maggie. Thomas is trying to adjust to life at home with his family, while his mother is on bed rest. Thomas, however, develops feelings for Jackie Masters (a new teacher at the local school).

Character analysis

This article will discuss the characteristics of the characters in "The Black Balloon," a film about coming-of-age as an Australian teen. The focus will be on the protagonist Charlie Mollison, who suffers from attention deficit disorder and autism. His family is supportive, but his younger brother, Thomas, feels uncomfortable about Charlie's condition. His disorder often leads to physical confrontations, which further complicates matters.

Story elements

Story elements of the black balloon cover the theme of acceptance and the consequences of prejudice resulting from different family dynamics. The book illustrates the conflict that occurs within the protagonist Thomas, as he struggles to accept his brother's disability and the judgment of his peers. Thomas also tries to hide his brother's disability from his peers, but the revelation that Charlie has autism causes the others to judge him unfairly. This theme is reinforced through the character of Jackie, who helps Thomas accept Charlie and learns to appreciate him as his brother.


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Character analysis of Thomas

If you've ever seen the film "Thomas the Black balloon," you've no doubt observed the black balloon that appears early in the film. The black color of the balloon suggests something dark and romantic. While this may be a stretch of the imagination, the black balloon does have some important characteristics that help it stand out among children's movies. Here are three of these characteristics:

Review of "The Black Balloon"

"The Black Balloon" is a new Australian drama directed by Elissa Down, who also grew up with two autistic brothers. The film's strong cast and affecting storyline help it stand out. The film centers on the parents of two autistic children, Thomas and Charlie, who show saintly forbearance while their children struggle to fit in at school. Thomas, a shy boy, tries to win over a classmate, but he fails miserably.

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