Analysis Text of the play "The Tempest" by Shakespeare

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The Tempest: A Play of Education and Knowledge

The Tempest is neither a satire nor disintegrating adversity. Shakespeare's play is maturely designed and orchestrated. His experience propels him to behave with deft romantic lapses throughout. Shakespeare is considered as the maestro in the role of Prospero. He has the ability to elaborate on conflict solving and systematic handling of life matters. The Tempest is full of celestial and ghost components and events that contribute greatly to the theme of Education. The relationship circumstances depicted between Prospero are central to creating the Theme of Education. It is phenomenal to see how Shakespeare conglomerated and blended the mouthwatering poetry and the play charm with the depiction of themes such as Education. (William Shakespeare)

The Quest for Knowledge and Education

The Quest and expedition of knowledge kicked the whole train of Educational as a theme. Knowledge and education go hand in hand. The Tempest is characteristic of Renaissance and invigoration drama. In this regard, Education and quench for knowledge is a strongly pertained theme. Being the ruler and King of Milan, Prospero carries a mammoth of roles and responsibilities. Both for the goodness of the people and the Kingdom in general. However, he fails to accomplish and pull off on the demands of this responsibility. On the contrary, he was busy building his empire of knowledge through a comprehensive study on the Magic Book. He is only moved by his peculiar and special desire for learning and knowledge hunting. Unlike, the customary deeds of a King, Prospero is deeply stuck in his ambitions of learning perfection and development at the expense of the Kingdom's whereabouts. (Hopkins, Lisa.) As a result, he later lost the Kingship Powers, and he was dethroned by his two brothers Antonio and Alonso. This was the gigantic and super colossal implication of his deadly desire for knowledge and education desires, thirst, and rapaciousness. His readiness and moral angulation to losing the helm of leadership is all ego-centered at the robust education dreams and goal he had. He is a man of Renaissance and actual experimenter of his ambitions. To show the other side of the theme of Education, Caliban was captured in the play. He has derailed himself into a deformed creature on the island. He had no interest and willingness to acquire knowledge. Learning was simply a parallel aspect of his whole life. Prospero tried his level best to teach him language and consequently civilization, but all efforts he invested were futile and blew to the sky. In the process, Caliban gets the chance to learn some words of the language, but he nevertheless ended using them to condemn and censure Prospero. He was just a person of admonition hence making it difficult to educate him. (William Shakespeare)

The Impact of Education on Caliban

Caliban was imprisoned by Prospero. This was out of the will and at the end of the jail term, Caliban came out clear speaking about the kindness of his imprisonment experience. It was a real show that Caliban positively took the exposure, and he learned something new at the end of the tunnel (William Shakespeare pg 347). The balancing of speeches by Caliban more so in scene I shows the elements of the Theme of Education. His degrading and drunken approach he used to deliver speech showed the other side of the life of education drought. (William Shakespeare pg 18-38) Miranda gives Caliban a flashback of his life before he was taught the language. He was a mere creature who gabbled left, right and center. He was gabbling "Like/ A thing most brutish" (William Shakespeare pg 359- 360). Education pushes Miranda and Prospero to contradictory opinions of Humanity with subject to Caliban. At the same time, they have a clear understanding of the impact of education on Caliban's Brutish Status. (William Shakespeare pg 360-365)

European Imperialism and Caliban's Education

The charm of Colonialism is the core element behind the scenes of Prospero educating Caliban. The European Imperialism and colonization comes into play. First of all, he brutally displaces Caliban's Mother, and she accords her unfair and beastly treatments. He has the full authority of the island at his disposal. In the process of educating Caliban, he exposes him to dehumanization treatments. He clearly shows the heart of a colonizer upon his brutal treatments he gives Caliban. Being a man of a different color, Caliban is treated just as a despicable entity. He used words like knowledge, wisdom, and light to describe himself and used barbarous and vicious words on people like Caliban. The King sees and brands himself the ruler whose superiority helps him carry out the mission of civilization. As a European Imperialist, he tries to educate and ennoble Caliban all efforts in vain and stuck - up. There was a very little success in this approach, and the outcomes showed how the Theme of European Imperialism was based on the desire of Prospero to educate Caliban. Colonialism was at the center stage of every mission launched by the King towards the black people who were the recipients of the mistreatments. (William Shakespeare)

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