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I am writing to request that my transfer request from Milwaukee School of Engineering to the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee for Information Technology Management as a junior be considered.

Previously, I created numerous programs by combining my programming and accounting expertise, including but not limited to MS Excel, Word, Access,, VBA, and SQL. I thoroughly like working with technology and management. As a result, I decided to major in Software Engineering in order to gain a thorough understanding of system architecture and structure. I have been working on getting my scholarship approved by my government, but unfortunately, I was granted only one-year scholarship. Therefore, I need help to graduate as soon as possible.

According to “Transfer | Undergraduate Admissions" (2017), to qualify as a junior at UWM, some credits need to be waived, and others need to be substituted hence my request to waive General Education Requirement (GER) and junior class standing prerequisites (1). The reason for the above is the fact that I have a total of 31 excess general elective credits that are not counted towards BBA degree. Another reason is my five years of working experience in Banking Operations and Technology Department in SAMBA Bank, Saudi Arabia in which I worked as Import & Export Documentary Credit Supervisor. Additionally, I also have four months’ experience working as an accountant where I handled petty cash, account receivable/payable entries, inventory, and more.

To allow my course to satisfy a UWM business course requirement, I request the course substitution or transfer as follows:

* Appeal (Math Stat) -> (Bus 210).

* Appeal (English 206) -> (English 205) + 1 credit waiver.

* Appeal to substitute (UWM_Bus Adm 434) with (MSOE_MS 483).

* Appeal to substitute (UWM_Bus Adm 432) with (MSOE_SE 1011 and SE 1021).

I also request to waive one-credit for a course as follows:

* Appeal (Math 23) 1.33 credits.

* Appeal (Comm 103) 1 credits.

* Appeal (English 206) 1 credits.

Finally, I also request you to allow English 206 to satisfy the English 205 requirement.

I will be happy to respond to any questions you might have. Thank you for taking the time to review my request.

Works cited

"Transfer | Undergraduate Admissions." N.p., 2017. Web. 21 July 2017.

May 29, 2023


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