Application of Leadership Concepts in My Life

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Leadership and its Influence

Leadership is an influential concept. As a definitive feature, leadership influences the success of any organization. Notably, it serves to highlight the priorities of individuals in the setting and acts as a guidance in the execution of the set priorities. Leadership principles are get applied in various segments of life. Still, the definition of leadership is influenced by various factors, and therefore varies from one sector to the next. Additionally, people tend to misinterpret the word leadership to reflect management. Unlike leadership, management is concerned with the creation of stability in a given setting. In my opinion, leadership is mainly the ability to influence others towards the achievement of set goals. As supportive frameworks, I apply leadership concepts on a daily basis.

Interactive Leadership in the Workplace

In engaging my workmates, I tend to apply interactive leadership. The process facilitates the conveying of relevant information as the leadership framework encourages open communication between the staff. Through the initiative, I am often able to acquire information in a fast and efficient manner. The interactive leadership approach also allows me the opportunity to generate optimal and comprehensive solutions by involving all individuals in inferring solutions that are relevant to the given goal (Burian et al., 2014). As a behavioral modelling framework, interactive leadership also facilitates the relaying of values, missions and goals of the given institution. I apply the concept to reflect on the various challenges that may hinder the realization of the highlighted goals. Such initiative acts as a pre-emptive measure against stagnation. During the process, I try to ensure that all voices are heard and respected. In applying the concept during my interactions with other personnel, I am often inspired by the desire to project the trust that I have for them and their abilities.

Applying Leadership Principles in Teaching

I also often apply leadership in teaching my younger siblings new learning concepts. During the process I tend to encourage them to grasp learning concepts that are challenging to them. Conversely, I apply the life-cycle model. As a leader in the setting, I tend to assess the sibling's response to the interventions that I am suggesting (Burian et al., 2014). In the process, I expect them to follow on the steps that I am recommending. Mainly, I act to provide direction to the subject. My role in the initiative is limited to the provision of direction to the subjects in the setting. From the initiative, the siblings are able to achieve change and progress by following the steps that I have highlighted. In guiding my siblings in accomplishing given tasks, I also tend to engage the delegating style. Essentially, after guiding them for some time on ways to oversee the learning tasks and concepts, I allow the siblings time to reflect on the learning process and provide them with the time and opportunity to accomplish the other tasks on their own (Cheney et al., 2010). The life-cycle model of leadership calls for the leader to allow the followers the freedom to understand the relevant concepts and apply them on their own.

Leadership in Organizational Communication

To inspire initiative among my fellow classmates, I have also constantly applied several leadership concepts that are related to the chapter on Organizational Communication in an Age of Globalization. Notably, I tend to embrace framing as a medium through which goals are established in the subject setting. As a leader of group discussions that we tend to conduct during the learning initiatives, I had to define the vision, values and symbolism involved in the process. Communicating the vision entailed the identification of the goals to be achieved, the processes that would have to be overseen and the role that each member would play in overseeing the completion of the project at hand. Creating vision served to enhance the appropriateness of the interventions that we initiated in the project (Cheney et al., 2010). For instance, after determining that we had to complete the project in one week, I determined that we needed to delegate work to ensure that the work was finished in the minimum time possible. The framing process also facilitated the creation of values that would guide the group. In the process, the creation of values served to enhance the discipline among the members in the group. The declaration of the values in the group also served to streamline the completion of the project by ensuring that everybody assumed a single perspective in completing the project. Creating values also serves to improve relations between individuals in the group. From the intervention, time is optimally utilized as less time is used in solving conflicts that are manifested during the group discussions.

Transactional Leadership in Family and Social Settings

Growing up with my family, I witnessed the application of transactional leadership. To reinforce good behavior, my parents would reward us for the instances that we performed exceedingly well in class (Burian et al., 2014). The initiative was inspired by the need to foster the good behavior. In exchanging a reward for effect, my parents were able to encourage initiative in me and my siblings. As kids, it was a joy to witness the satisfaction that was manifested in my parents whenever we excelled. Their acknowledgement and presents served to express their satisfaction with the efforts that I and myself had expended in the learning process. Transactional leadership can also assume a pre-emptive approach. Mainly, it can be used as a platform through which unwanted behavior is stemmed. I have often applied the framework in interacting with my friends. In the event of a disagreement with my friends, I tend to avoid interacting with them for some time. The initiative is intended to relay my dissatisfaction with their actions. From my response to their actions, my friends are able to deduce actions that I can tolerate and those that cause significant stress in my life.


Conclusively, I apply various leadership concepts on a daily basis. Mainly, the term refers to an ability to influence others towards specific goals. Some of the leadership principles that I have applied before include transformational leadership, interactive leadership and the life-cycle model. Leadership is manifested in various aspects of my life such as the learning segment, the family setting and my social circle. The life-cycle of model has been crucial in my interactions with siblings. Through the framework, I have inspired them to work hard in school and achieve good results. By increasingly overseeing the assignments provided to them by their teachers on their own, my siblings have been able to realize an improvement in their class performance. With regards to transactional leadership, my parents applied the concept in guiding our choices. I hope to continue using leadership principles in the future, as a medium through which my social relations are augmented.


Burian, P. E., Burian, P. S., Francis, R., & Pieffer, M. A. (2014). Principles driven leadership: Thoughts, observations and conceptual model. International Journal of Management & Information Systems (Online), 18(1), 1.

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