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Emperor Hadrian constructed Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli, Italy, in the beginning of the second century, whilst Muhammad ibn Yusuf ibn Nasr constructed the Alhambra in 1238. Both of these locations have a huge space and a complex that contains numerous buildings. Over 30 structures make up Hadrian's Villa, which also has a garden and a long fountain. The Greek and Latin Library, the major palace residences, and the Golden Court are encircled by it from a distance. The villa also includes guest rooms, office space, and servant-only underground corridors. Meanwhile, the Alhambra has structures with three different purposes, a dwelling for the ruler and his close family, the fortress, Alcazaba- barracks for the best guards whose duty was to guard the complex, and a part called medina (or city), where court officials resided and worked.

Basilica of Maxentius Vs Old St. Peter’s

These two buildings have a common history yet their structures are poles apart. Basilica of Maxentius was started by the emperor Maxentius and completed by Constantine around AD 313. Similarly, construction of Old St. Peter’s started by orders of Constantine 1 between AD 318 and 322. The Basilica of Maxentius has a huge open space in the central nave and arches that act to support the building. This is in contrast to Old St. Peter’s which is supported by columns. Where’s Basilica of Maxentious roof is made up of a folded roof to reduce the weight of the structure on the building, Old St. Peter’s was built with a flat roof.

Amiens Cathedral Vs. Santa Maria Maggiore

Amiens Cathedral is a Gothic style building while Santa Maria Maggiore is a Roman style building. The Amiens Cathedral has a pointed arch and ribbed vaulting in addition to a flying buttress to counteract the force of the ceiling arch pushing outwards. The interior has a rich stained glass. On the contrary, Santa Maria Maggiore has a triumphal arch, a free standing archway. In addition, it has beautiful mosaics internally on the triumphal arch and nave.

Hagia Sophia Vs Pantheon

The Hagia Sophia is a huge rectangular church in present day Turkey while the Pantheon is a circular temple in Italy. Each of these building has a dome but the Hagia Sophia dome is slightly smaller than that of the Pantheon. Hagia Sophia’s main dome is placed on a square and supported by four arches. The Pantheon is made up of bricks and concrete and is a round roo, with a dome made above it. One unique factor in the two buildings is that they allow natural light to get in.

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