Analysis of The Italy Tourism Report

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The Italy tourism report provides detailed information on the positive outlook for the Italian tourism industry which welcomes more than 80mn tourists annually. The country is ranked amongst one of the major tourist destinations in the world (Ribuardo et al., 2017). It states that the tourism industry is mainly supported by the transport network which is very competitive in the country.

Information on the report has been analyzed and recorded through taking into consideration the BMI industry view which terms it as positive. The researcher has also made use of industrial forecast that predicts Italy’s tourism sector as one of the most massive tourism industries globally. The industrial estimates give them updates on changes taking place in the market as well as the structural trends being exhibited by the tourism sector. The researcher has also used graphs to formulate estimates of the tourist arrivals and international tourism receipts allowing them to estimate the expansion rate of the market which has proven Italy’s tourism market as one of the largest growing tourism markets globally. Through this research, the report demonstrates Italy’s tourism market as one of the significant tourism markets with an excellent expansion rate compared to other tourist attraction centers.

Summary of the environmental planning and management journal

The journal has been used to research on the transport infrastructures, ecological impacts as well as the welfare of tourists in Sienna Italy. The journal identifies tourism as one of the essential branches that add to economic also determines how new and modern systems of transportations have reduced travel costs making destinations easily accessible which is a valuable management tool to enable smooth tourist flows(Kim et al., 2015). The researcher analyses different forms of transport as well as the impact of new infrastructure on travel demand.  He also makes use of surveys to test various hypotheses presented in the industry including the lack of tourist assessments to comply with expectations leading to lack of relationship between transport infrastructure and tourism. The use of choice experiments as a way of testing tourist preferences is one of the well-known survey methods used to check tourist preferences. They are used to assess the potential welfare impacts of non-market goods.

Improvements to be made

Assessing tourism in particular country requires improvements in the BMI industry view. The industry should also ensure that the SWOT analyses is at its best shapes to avoid inconveniences in the industry and at the same time providing that the company is informed of all information on the market. Surveys and are the most appropriate Ways to acquire knowledge. Hence need for them to be utilized appropriately when collecting data on various industries.


Kim, C. J., Kim, J., Hong, T., Koo, C., Jeong, K., & Park, H. S. (2015). A program-level management system for the life cycle environmental and economic assessment of complex building projects. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 54, 9-21.

Ribaudo, G., & Figini, P. (2017). The Puzzle of Tourism Demand at Destinations Hosting UNESCO World Heritage Sites: An Analysis of Tourism Flows for Italy. Journal of Travel Research, 56(4), 521-542.

January 19, 2024

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