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Problems with art can be based on legal, ethical, societal, or political concerns. Regarding these aspects, various authors have different concepts. The following will assist in examining two authors' perspectives on the problems influencing art, including Charlie Hebdo and the Hopi artifacts auction.

The preservation of human rights is a legal concern for the arts because some artwork may depict negative themes like violence against women. When artists use their creative expression to convey inappropriate messages, such as pornographic material, they come under assault for exercising their right to free speech and expression. Art faces the problem of religious liberty where not all religions believe in artworks such as sculptures used in worship.

Art faces ethical issues such as extreme judgment concerning expression or artistry, for instance, a painting of a modern model; some people may consider it as a way of promoting immorality and condemn the artwork. Freedom to believe in religion is another issue where some people believe that paints should be holy considering that they are used as an expression of holy beings such as Mary and Jesus. Sculptures are used in criticizing religion mostly by the Catholic Church prays to Holy Mary painting. Art also faces problems of acts of terrorism and satirizing.

The cultural issues which are faced by art are blasphemy where particular art is discriminated against a certain religion, which is most common with a painting of the holy being used by the Catholic Church. Cultural identity is another issue where art is associated with multicultural society and thus not understood by people of a particular culture. Arts also ignores the minority cultures those which are not recognized by most people.

Political challenges are such biased by the press where they do not inform about all arts of work but their only preferred works. Islamic terrorists slow artwork down.

Hopi artifacts auction in Paris Summary

Art is faced with legal issues such as the issue experience international of stolen cultural heritage. The artists use other heritage to express their ideas concerning art. There is an auction issue where some people or organizations distribute some artifacts even when they do not belong to them. There no longer exists boundaries in the indigenous art trade conducted globally thus distributing art in the wrong regions.

The ethical challenges faced by art are cultural supremacy where some cultures feel that the art is more important than the small and indigenous cultural groups. There are people who claim art which does not belong to them thus depriving the rightful owner to enjoy their work. The artists hardly recognize the religious and cultural values of the arts which they make since artwork has commercialized.

Cultural problems that art faces are causing damage and theft of the sacred heritage of the natives. Some things which artists paint are sacred but being painted is a show of disrespect to that culture. The spiritual and religious heritage cannot be measured by any value as the artists try to show through the amount they sell concerning the artworks they make.

The political issues which are faced by art are a personal auction of the properties which are owned by the state. Some arts are owned by the state despite being done by individuals, and thus the government stops any auctioning. International cultural theft is a problem where artists use other cultures to get ideas despite interfering with their heritage, beliefs or cultural values.


July 15, 2023

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