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Democritus and Leucippus

Matter is made up of indivisible building blocks. In the 15th century BCE, Democritus and Leucippus recorded this materi...

288 views 6 pages ~ 1482 words
About Dark matter

Protons, neutrons, and electrons are grouped together to create atoms, which are the building blocks of the observable c...

94 views 4 pages ~ 1058 words
atoms and electrons

Erin Schrodinger and other well-known scientists expanded on the theory of the photoelectric effect and how it is applie...

236 views 4 pages ~ 898 words
The Hydrolysis of Tert-Butyl Chloride

This paper covers a calculation of the reaction rate during the hydrolysis of t-butyl chloride using isopropanol/water m...

125 views 2 pages ~ 452 words
Understanding the Atomic Structure

A student who wants to learn more about the structure of an atom needs to know how to write the atomic symbols and use t...

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